Wednesday, December 16, 2009


What is Middle Class Anymore?

Is it the $40-50K avg income per household?

Is it the top 10% of American household incomes, i.e., $90K on up?

Does the avg wage per household include the top 1% making it approx.flat a complete exageration?

An excerpt from Pete Murphy’s “Five Short Blasts”, Chapter 1, The Economy’s Doing So Great, [bear in mind the book was written in 2007, before the horrifying collapses of household incomes in 2008-2009]:

“…Here, once again, we see that at least half of all American families, represented by the medium line, have faired poorly over the last three decades. Medium income was growing nicely until the mid-70s. From that point it declined sharply until 1992, at which time it began a slow rebound. Yet, as of 2004, it remained 1.5% below its peak in 1976. Why is this? You have to wonder. Did something happen at that time in the mid-70s, that caused the earning power of most Americans to grind to a halt?…” [I'd add too, household incomes started adding more wage earners per house about that time too, what good it did]

Pete also makes it clear in Chapter 1:

“…The rich are getting richer – much, much richer – while the poor are getting poorer and while the middle class melts away. Virtually all the growth in wages and salaries, household and family incomes is concentrated in the upper class elite of American society….”

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Statistics can make Any of Us Liars

The Institute for Supply Management, a trade group of purchasing executives, said its index grew last month....LOL...compared to the last recession/depression data months. Its like saying the dead yellow plants were more plentiful during the Great Depression's dust bowl.

Let's compare today's manufacturing activity to say, 2006....its horrifying today then. One of the charts show cargo in trains up 5% in 2006, instead of like -20% lately. The URL proof:

Most of main stream media ignores the hoards of new desparate Americans looking for work at HomeDepot, but will point at horrifying statistical trends as encouraging.....ohhh, stocks are up today and the twisted logic manufacturing index improvement [????] is given the credit, LOL.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

CHINA HAS EGG ON ITS FACE: Updated 12/10/09

There's a Silver Lining To the Economic Mess We're In

Sure, amnesty overpopulation is like adding gasoline to the American unemployment bonfire....but, the open border anarchists' blind rage for amnesty is throwing the baby out with the bath water, IMO. Even a blind rage anarchist is going to "get it" eventually.

Its not just a matter of overpopulating America like Napolitano rants, driving wages down and hogging all the votes.

Since 2006, its estimated yearly world oil consumption/day during this economic mess collapse is approx flat through 2009. Look, we solved global warming and just as if the cure of overpopulation was implemented, albeit the world's short-term stimulus debts brought global warming back up to the horrifying levels it was before the economic crash....the media won't admit it.

IMO. the economic collapse of reduced oil consumption [taking stimulus debt out] is approx equivalent to reducing the earth's population from 6 billion to 3.4 billion in global warming gas reduction and we demonstrated it in just 3 years. Now we can dream, that's good. Or reducing world oil consumption from 85 million/bbls/day to 55.

Throw the old economic models out that growth is good in America and return to environmental science again is possible with a new plan and a clear demonstration of how it works. China knows their shores are plagued by warmer water jelly fish this year, clearly due to global warming IMO. Their reaction was, so what, we're going to burn more energy and ignore the environmental warning signs.

Get it?

Its a silver lining this economic mess. It makes the growth is good rant from countries like China a total joke. Its been clearly disproven by our recent oil use reduction and the real organised crime in the world aren't hiding anymore....

America must lead in example. Step one, depopulate itself and compete with China/Europe. How you ask? The old fashion way, "Yankee Ingenuity", in a world that needs to shrink its population or destroy itself. The fix is gonna take decades bloggers, but smile.....the model of depopulation works!

There is no other way out that doesn't destroy the earth.

Friday, November 13, 2009


But let's be real, where's the hoards of Americans lining up to buy gold? How would most of them pay for it, even if they wanted it as a hedge against the falling dollar?

I have noticed jewelry at discount rates lately though, like 70% off sales for gold items….especially buying on places like eBay auctions from bankrupt jewelers’ inventory.

Example: I weighed a 14K gold [that's 50% gold and 50% silver] chain for $78 at Walmart a week or two ago and believe me, if gold’s $1100/oz Walmart didn’t pay for the gold chain jewelry labor….LOL

And this was Walmart’s regular price….not on sale. BTW, no one was shopping for jewelry the 30 min I stood there….the two sales girls were begging me to buy.

Will cash for gold give you $78 for the Walmart gold chain….Hades no, I bet you’d be lucky to get $20….

Oil goes up 250% in about a year due to dollar deflation, yet gas maybe went up like 25-35% [excess supplies are going through the roof too].

Its been documented recently that grocery stores are lowering prices to attract a dwindling customer base, as I’ve noticed even Discount Wharehouse prices can be beat by more expensive stores in my neighborhood (i.e., Albertson/Safeway/FredMeyer/QFC) sales prices….beaten badly too. I guess we’re eating less and/or more cheaply with this recession/depression with no end.

So where is this alleged inflation monster? In our heads?

China Has a Smoke and Stimulus Mirror Economy Right Now Too

Its documented in Fortune magazine (11/29/2009) and basically states China can’t continue their stimulus debt economy either, its following America over the debt cliff too.

You shut their stimulus debt off in that nation and their horrifying unemployment problem today would double or triple….imagine the angry mobs in that nation that already can’t feed its people.

Fortune magazine (11/29/09) has an article called “Investing” and it states:

“…56% of unemployed will never get rehired…”

And you think they’ll pay ‘em more in devalued dollars as American unemployment SNOWBALLS at that rate? Remember too, the 10.2% excludes the ones who’s unemployment benefits ran out, college kids looking for work and the minions that have settled for minimum wage type jobs so they could eat [I estimate about 50,000,000 in America, adding them all together to date].

Fortune magazine stated its a good time for employers to shop for high quality employees now, with the chronic snowballing of unemployed [all professions, degreed or not] in America….but do you really believe they’re gonna pay ‘em more, after the lucky few get hired…LOL

Its All Changed in 2009

The college degreed unemployment spiked 85% earlier this year:

More degreed unemployment news in part:

“…The total number of unemployed increased by more than 50 percent from January 2008 through last month, but the number of jobless Americans 55 or older jumped 70 percent, according to new Labor Department numbers released Friday.

And for people with college degrees, the number rose even more sharply, by nearly 85 percent.

The numbers confirmed a trend that job cuts are moving up the age and educational ladders, said Andrew Stettner, deputy director of the National Employment Law Project….”

the rest of the URL:

Mainstream media and the colleges would never admit it, doesn’t matter that much anymore if you have a degree or not…..actually, I hear nursing jobs with lower paid LPNs are safer than higher paid RN positions….LOL

Thursday, November 12, 2009


About 80% Of America's College Graduate's Move Back Home With Mom and Dad

I believed in legal immigration when America had enough water and jobs for the additional load [back when we had maybe 150M people]....and the lame brain excuse its OK if they have advanced degrees or special skills is moot too, college educated unemployment spiked 85% earlier this year.

Numbersusa totally agrees with me too and wants a moratorium on all immigration until we find jobs for the U2, U3 and U4 unemployment counts.....multiply the 10.2% mainstream media unemployment rate by about 2-3 and you'll get the real number that compares historically to the Great Depression's 25% unemployed. Numbersusa agrees with my unemployment analyses too.

Article Out On Unemployed Americans

It makes those small household income increases the elite shove at us lately look like a complete joke, with the number of workers per household obviously increasing at a horrifying rate due to forced cohabitation of family and about 80% of the college graduates.

More news on overpopulation impact on the US economy:

Basically, only half of Americans households pay any income tax at all. You can imagine that % going way up with amnesty of low wage illegal aliens incorporated.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Deficits Cure Short Term Ills and Cause Horrifying Long Term Problems

I hear the G20 has agreed to dig into their savings account to keep the world economies afloat, albeit without any supports for the US dollar. American stocks shot up with the wonderful news, but is it really wonderful?

China may have a 8% increase in their GDP, but IMO its all smoke and stimulus mirrors there too. They dig into their savings account until its dried up. China is urging America to control its deficits….LOL….yet, if we did, who’ll buy the Chinese stuff???? The Chinese themselves? LOL, they can barely feed themselves.

Who’ll buy the $29K Mercedes subcompacts when they sky-rocket to $60K with dollar devaluation? The Europeans? LOL, they’ll be lucky to still be making Mercedes, if we stop buying them.

There were many that predicted inflation with lower dollar rates and guess what, yes, oil is now $80/bbl [and supplies are snow-balling] ….but a little birdy is telling me, remember a stronger dollar a year ago, with $30/bbl oil…..yeah, gas was still $2 something a gallon like today. So what happenned, why didn’t the inflation monster get us by now? Even when oil was $150/bbl, we didn’t see $10/gal gas, inflation adjusted from $30/bbl $2/gal gas…..what the Hades is stopping the inflation monster?

Wages, lower wages my friends. The elite don’t want to talk about it, no, they say household incomes rise every year [yeah right, and so does the number living and working in each house].

I’ll repeat myself again….RE will never rebound in price unless per capita wages go up and that just ain’t gonna happen my friend.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


The Recession's Over and Q3 GDP is +3%, Break Out the H-1B Champaign

Per article from 9/2009 Whitehouse Q3 2009 report in part:

"...There is broad agreement that the ARRA has added between 2 and 3 percentage points to baseline real GDP growth in the second quarter of 2009 and around 3 percentage points in the third quarter...."

The rest of the URL:

Meaning, without the almost $1 trillion dollar stimulus IOU to our grandkids, made earlier this year, our "H-1B champaign Q3 GDP" goes back to about zero [or worse, IMO].

Ask the approx 50,000,000 severely underemployed and unemployed Americans today if "the recession's over" and more uncontrolled population won't hurt us at all now.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


The 2009 GDP Decrease is a Horrifying 3+%

But the recent Whitehouse economic data looks rosy for Q3, at a +2.2 [albeit Q1 was decreasing at 6+%]?

The problem with massive shifts down in the GDP and minor shifts up in the GDP is perception. Assuming the massive downward shifts earlier this year were as most economists called, "inventory" burning with no new sales; then the minor "inventory" recovery doesn't mean a return to the real estate bubble and using our homes as ATMs to over-consume, as before. The American Consumer is dead and inventory blips upward are almost completely meaningless compared with the approx 70% driver of our economy unrestored, the American Consumer.

See my proof in the article in part:

"....As Kevin hall at McClatchy newspapers argues, the consumer economy is dead, all starting in September 2008 when the US government seized Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy.

Hall writes: "One year later, the easy-money system that financed the boom era from the 1980s until a year ago is smashed. Once-ravenous U.S. consumers are saving money and paying down debt. Banks are building reserves and hoarding cash. And governments are fashioning a new global financial order."

That means recovery will be anemic, economic growth will be around 2% and it would be five years until the economy generates enough jobs to make up for those that have been destroyed.

It will be some time before the US economy becomes competitive again...."

The rest of the URL:

This is what overpopulation in America did to us.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Recession Over Per Paul Krugman?

Let's look at the 9/30/09 Q3 BEA Data in part:

"Advance Estimate Second Estimate Third Estimate
(Percent change from preceding quarter)

Real GDP................................. -1.0 -1.0 -0.7"

The rest of the BEA URL:

Gee, if the recession is over, how come the GDP is still negatively contracting, especially after the horrifying Q1 contractions [we'd need some real big positive 2009 GDP growth, not Q2/Q3 contractions, to make up for the lost Q1 ground, IMO]?

It seems a lot you economists have a variety of 2009 "recession's over" negative GDP rationales that contradict the one's you had before...LOL

The recession is obviously alive and kicking IMO. The recession over fairy tale is clear mathematical fiction.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Its Horrifying

This comes from the UK Register, dtd Mar 2008, article in part:

"...China also harvests spin-offs from foreign direct investment and joint ventures in the civilian sector, technical knowledge and expertise of students returned from abroad, and state sponsored industrial espionage to increase the level of technologies available to support military research, development, and acquisition.

Beijing’s long-term goal is to create a wholly indigenous defense industrial sector able to meet the needs of PLA modernization as well as to compete as a top-tier producer in the global arms trade. China is already competitive in some areas, such as communications, with leading international defense firms...."

The rest of the URL:

Add this brain drain from America to China's military buildup and you get horrifying laser capabilities threatening America, article in part:

"...Nevertheless, citing unnamed "top officials," the trade journal asserts that "China not only has the [anti-satellite] capability, but has exercised it. It is not clear when China first used lasers to attack American satellites. Sources would only say that there have been several tests over the past several years."..."

The rest of the URL:

Friday, October 2, 2009


We're letting in 160K legal immigrants in each month with 15 million [its probably more like 30 million IMO] unemployed backlog....and job losses ???? each month [my guess is 300K-900K, the 247K figure is WAY too rosy] per the following "incomplete BLS analysis" available to date:

This is for Aug 2009 [the 213K BLS wild guess month], not Sep 2009's 247K per month wild guess, article in part:

"...Table C. States with statistically significant employment changes from July 2009 to
August 2009, seasonally adjusted
July August Over-the-month
2009 2009 p change p
Alabama........................................... 1,909,800 1,895,800 -14,000
Georgia............................................ 3,888,400 3,853,400 -35,000
Hawaii.............................................. 601,000 594,500 -6,500
Illinois............................................... 5,667,600 5,648,400 -19,200
Kansas............................................. 1,342,200 1,335,900 -6,300
Maryland.......................................... 2,548,500 2,536,500 -12,000
Michigan........................................... 3,864,000 3,821,100 -42,900
Minnesota........................................ 2,654,400 2,644,100 -10,300
Mississippi........................................ 1,118,400 1,108,800 -9,600
Montana........................................... 438,700 443,800 5,100
North Dakota.................................... 371,500 368,700 -2,800
Ohio................................................. 5,127,400 5,097,300 -30,100
Oregon............................................. 1,631,500 1,624,900 -6,600
Tennessee....................................... 2,664,200 2,649,100 -15,100
Texas............................................... 10,406,500 10,344,300 -62,200
Washington...................................... 2,864,200 2,851,800 -12,400
p = preliminary...."

The rest of the URL:

BTW, the total job losses for Aug 2009 per the Table C above is 290.1K, yet excludes 26 job loss states....LOL

Indiana is one of the excluded states from Table C and was shedding jobs at 14,800/mo from Aug 2008-Aug 2009 [see Table D in BLS report URL above].

Until I see 50 state visibility in the BLS data, I see the 216K for Aug 2009 a completely wild guess, let alone the 247K they came up for Sep 2009 [not yet analysed since the latest Sep18 2009 report] as anything credible either.

Are they lying about America's monthly job losses [as horrifying as their lies are] to justify high legal immigration rates? I think they are. You can't prove me wrong....LOL

Thursday, September 24, 2009


The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics omits this data [I wonder why....LOL], but it is at least partially available in In fact, here’s some states job loss/gain data in the NPPD 9/21/09 news article in part:

“….Forty-two states reported job losses in August, with 14 states reporting unemployment rates of 10 percent or above, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, The heaviest losses came in Texas, which lost 62,200 jobs in August, with the manufacturing, construction, and leisure industries combined reaching 35,500 losses. In Michigan, 42,900 jobs were lost, with 25,000 of them in manufacturing; the state’s unemployment rate rose to 15.2 percent, the highest in the United States. Georgia and Ohio had the third- and fourth-highest losses in August, with 35,000 and 30,100 jobs lost, respectively. Nevada had the second-highest unemployment rate at 13.2 percent, with Rhode Island third at 12.8 percent and California and Oregon tied for fourth with 12.2 percent. Six states had increases in employment in August: North Carolina saw the biggest gains with 7,000, followed by Montana with 5,100 and West Virginia with 2,800. North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska had the lowest unemployment rates in August, at 4.3 percent, 4.9 percent, and 5.0 percent, respectively….”

The rest of the URL:

BTW, I went ahead and used this news article for Dr. Roubini’s bunch and gave my technical estimate for August 2009 job losses in America. States 5-47 were not in the data above, so I estimated an average for the missing states; based on the top 4 states with job losses and the bottom 3 states with job gains.

I came up with 742,000 estimated job losses in America for Aug 2009….makes that 216,000 wild guess [IMO] BLS number that mainstream news is using look like a complete joke, especially since BLS state to state job loss/gain data is conveniently omitted, not allowing an accuracy check.

I hear from Numbersusa sources that Wash St had a 92,000 monthly job loss….Hades, that’s not even in the NPPD data, let alone the omitted BLS wild guess....LOL

Monday, September 21, 2009


BTW, if I was Benanke, I’d be saying the depression is over too; its similar to pressure treatments the meat processing plants use to calm the cattle before they line up and head into “blood stenched” butcher factories, otherwise, we’d never get the cows in the door…LOL

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Malthus Theory

Have you ever read George Orwell’s 1984? many of you may be too young, but that used to be required reading to get a high school diploma….its been replaced by our high schools with To Kill a Mockingbird.

Well, assuming you haven’t read it or seen the movie, Orwell predicted in the 30s that by 1984 computers would be watching us, the “newspeak” propaganda would be brainwashing us and man’s freedoms would be taken from him for the public good. I think Orwell was 20-25 years off; we’re living 1984 today. Look at video cameras everywhere, Patriot Act wire tapping into public communications, computers mesmerizing us with brainwashing newspeak [twisted words that make bad things seem good] and freedoms disappearing like the dodo bird, especially as uncontrolled growth mushrooms.

Well, Malthus also made some predictions about how overpopulation would reach an ultimate resource sustainable limit, called “The Malthus Point” about 150 years ago. The basics to Mathus Theory applied: is as Seattle gets more concentrated with population growth the per capita expenditures go down, the wages go down, unemployment and poverty goes way up. Sounds like 2009, doesn’t it; especially considerring both unemployment. [calculated honestly and using 1930 methods] and homelessness has never been so bad in America since the Great Depression.

Today’s economists hate Mathus Theory and so do globalists; as they allege man will continually invent new technology to allow the uncontrolled growth. Yet, when faced with chronic unemployment growth, they have no answer. Sound familiar to 2009 doesn’t it. Hence, the Orwellian newspeak we hear, the recession’s over…LOL

When per capita wages plummet, as they are today with uncontrolled growth in Seattle, there is no way RE prices can go up; unless we can lower interest rates more, which we can’t. We’ve reached that limit too.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Today's Reuter's Article States In Part:

"....Food aid is at a 20-year low despite the number of critically hungry people soaring this year to its highest level ever, the United Nations relief agency said Wednesday.

The number of hungry people will pass 1 billion this year for the first time, the U.N. World Food Program (WFP) said, adding that it is facing a serious budget shortfall...."

The rest of the URL:;_ylt=AtWCMX68bH86wreDxo9nJ2J2wPIE;_ylu=X3oDMTJlYnYxM28wBGFzc2V0A25tLzIwMDkwOTE2L3VzX2Zvb2Rfd2ZwBGNwb3MDNQRwb3MDNQRzZWMDeW5fdG9wX3N0b3JpZXMEc2xrA3dvcmxkZm9vZGFpZA--


Ralph Nader campaigned for National Initiatives in 2008, rather than relying on only lobbyist controlled politicians deciding our budget/futures and I thought his idea was simply wonderful.

The argument against any type of pure democracy is the masses don't understand and can make bad if our present government's overpopulation debt hasn't pushed us over the unemployment cliff. If bad decisions is the excuse not to let "We the People" vote on amnesty; what's their excuse for a horrifying track record of bad republic government led decisions on the economy?

Also, 80% of Americans consider America's economy in poor shape per a recent AP cake Bernanke and your "recession's over" rhetoric yesterday, Americans clearly don't buy it.

The Recession is Over?

As long as 50% of Americans maintain their household income to 1999 levels, inflation adjusted.

The rest of Americans don't matter to the Democrats or Republicans when calling the economy, they can eat cake.

After-all, $250K/yr household income elite [the approx top 5% of American household incomes BTW] is Middle Class [ask Clinton]. The real 50k/yr average household income in America [which has been stagnant since 1999] can eat cake.

This type of news is not found in economics textbooks or political bandwagon hype, it came from blogs; but it makes perfect common sense to me. Article in part:

"...The press release also said:

“More people were working, especially from households living in smaller flat types. The monthly household income of those living in 3-room HDB flats or smaller also grew by over $300 from $1,910 to $2,220. Even after factoring for inflation, this translated to a 3.5% per annum increase in real terms”.

However, this increase in household income may be due to more people working per household rather than an actual increase in household income. What we need to know is the employed per household data – whether it has gone up - and the extent of it resulting in the 3.5% increase...."

The rest of the URL:

As America's phony unemployment count passes over the fact that one person is working two jobs to get by and/or there's three people working per household so they can eat, rather than the old 1.4 average....the conundrum of a flat household income at $50K looks far worse today, than 1999.

LOL....yes the recession is over for the 50% of Americans that still haven't lost their good jobs.....that is, until they get butcher axed too.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


During my parents' era there was 1.2 worker per household [now its like 1.4]; and we made our house, almost everything in the house and the car in the driveway too....with far less workers/household than today. My dad and all the other households too, had plenty of vacation time to take us kids to Disneyland in the '63 Polara too. America's population was about 150M-200M back then; about half of today's population. And we need more overpopulation today?

I'd add too, a stay at home parent watching the kids [could be mom or dad] generally makes today's daycares a complete joke, quality-wise too. Ask any family socialogist or psychologist; they'll totally agree with me.

Its in China's, Europe's, Japan's, S. Korea's, etc., best interest that America start making about half their stuff [50% maufactured $ items used in America] again. We've reached the last chapter and page of debt; with phony glue board housing as a subpar manufacturing replacement. We can't buy anything from them, without a domestic wage tax base that isn't based on debt.

If these foreign countries have a brain, they'll totally agree with me.

Also, under the Obama/Bush plans; the American industrial base is just suppose to appear out of nowhere, as alleged bright technicals/businessmen start hiring for new ventures. LOL, the money's tight and there's no way we can compete on WTO rules with livable wages, let alone bringing in foreigners to overpopulate America and more RE price collapse.

Answer: start federal contracts with Buy American provisions for "American Manufacturing" ASAP and its much better federal money spent, than giving it away to the banksters....each theroretical American industrial base job creates 3 more Buy American jobs for material/services and all the federal tax costs for the contract(s) get repaid almost immediately and its slam dunk too :-)

Let the WTO eat cake.

Friday, September 11, 2009


A three headed monster [reducing consumer spending], getting bigger and bigger everyday is an 85% spike in unemployment affecting college degreed professionals earlier this year alone:

States in part:

“…Electrical Engineers Experience Record Job Losses
The unemployment rage for electrical engineers doubled during the second quarter of 2009….”

the rest of the URL:

More degreed unemployment news in part:

“…The total number of unemployed increased by more than 50 percent from January 2008 through last month, but the number of jobless Americans 55 or older jumped 70 percent, according to new Labor Department numbers released Friday.

And for people with college degrees, the number rose even more sharply, by nearly 85 percent.

The numbers confirmed a trend that job cuts are moving up the age and educational ladders, said Andrew Stettner, deputy director of the National Employment Law Project….”

the rest of the URL:

How about nursing? In part:

“….More hospitals have recorded mass layoffs in 2008 than in any year in the past decade. More than 9,700 hospital employees will have filed initial claims for unemployment compensation in 2008 as a result of mass layoffs. That would be highest such number since 2005, which saw nearly 13,300 laid off, and 28% more than the 10-year average. The news comes despite the relative optimism in healthcare as compared to the rest of the economy, where most other major sectors of employment have posted net losses of jobs for the year….”

The rest of the URL:

I’d add most of the layoffs are related to overpopulation and the surge in Uncompensated care, see surge chart in article above. The article above also states in part:

“…Uncompensated care is defined as the overall measure of hospital care provided for which no payment was received from the patient or employer. It is the sum of a hospital’s “bad debt” and the charity care it provides. Uncompensated care excludes other unfunded costs of care, such as underpayment from Medicaid and Medicare…”

How about teachers? See the California news and believe me, its coming to a theater near you too very soon:

“….California law requires local school districts to inform teachers, counselors, nurses and other school employees by March 15 that they could be laid off at the end of the school semester. The across-the-board budget cuts have pushed districts to issue layoff notices to more than 26,000 teachers….”

The rest of the URL:

I’d add

etc, etc….


Obama is like the magician with the amnesty dove in his suit coat: he promises no public option healthcare for illegal aliens and enforcement against illegal alien employers in his magic act....then quickly draws the amnesty dove out to amaze the audience, making the diversion issues against illegal aliens and their employers a moot point.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Family Planning Works About Five Times More Effective than Throwing More Government Money at the Horrifying Green Problem(s)

The article states in part:

"...Every £4 spent on family planning over the next four decades would reduce global CO2 emissions by more than a ton, whereas a minimum of £19 would have to be spent on low-carbon technologies to achieve the same result, the research says..."

The rest of the URL:

Tell that to the CFR members brainlessly intent on more and more uncontrolled overpopulation growth in high per capita energy use America. LOL

Monday, September 7, 2009


Why Don’t We Put the 10s of Millions of Unemployed in America to Work on the American Farms?

We could pay them $50/hr and it wouldn’t matter much for our like Safeway food prices too.

Article in part:

“…Consumers benefit from low farm wages, but less than many people believe: Farm wages constitute a surprisingly small part of the prices consumers pay at the grocery store. Farmgate prices average approximately one-third of retail prices, and labor costs represent approximately one-third of farmgate prices for fruits, vegetables, and horticultural products. This means, for example, that a 10-percent increase in farm wages would increase retail prices by at most 1 percent….”

The rest of the URL

Most of what drives food increases has nothing to do with hiring low wage farm slaves, its packaging, like glass, aluminum and plastics….and the diesel to deliver the food [all driven higher by recent overpopulation driving energy higher and higher in price]….but let’s not forget one key food cost impact, especially the like Safeway profits [LOL]

Even America’s water shortages delta’s worsening, mainly due to uncontrolled overpopulation/immigration since 1990, adds costs and energy use to food….the deeper we dig for water the more energy it costs to pump it out. The Baby Boomers did good with their negative fertility rate since 1990, but only scientists types like me give them environmental kudos for a job well done, not corporate power political lobbyists for slave wages and lower RE prices.

But I’m just a scientist type who talks pragmatic. Go ahead, call me a hater for telling the truth, but you know, science truth has absolutely nothing to do with brainless defamation of character against me or unscientific pig-headed politics, clearly controlled by big corporations seeking slave wages anyway.

Reply – Quote

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Speaking of American Homelessness

I'm looking at a 2009 Seattle Seahawks United Way Calendar sitting in my dining room right now that says, "Not since the Great Depression have so many families been without homes."

I'd add a caveat to the 2009 United Way poster; we have unemployment extensions, marginally adequate food banks without a dust bowl impact and a FDIC [at least partially funded anyway...LOL] we should have much less homelessness IMO to be compared the same as the Great Depression.

Friday, August 7, 2009


We Lost a Quarter of a Million Jobs In July, Its Getting Worse, So Why Do We Need Even Educated Illegal Aliens?

Then unemployment went down's that....well it acually may of only gone down 0.01%, because it was 9.46% [9.5% rounded off].

Also, the 9.4% anomaly could be moot point number manipulation during the June improvement [?] as follows:

"....One of the reasons the unemployment rate did not rise more than it did in June was due to a shrinkage of the labor force of 155,000 workers, partially offsetting the labor force gain in May of 350,000 workers...."

The rest of the URL:

I think when the 9-10% low-ball unemployment calculation hits the top 5% of household incomes very soon, the MSM and Dem/Reps won't be calling a quarter of million monthly job losses a reason to rejoice and break out the champaign. This MSM nonsense won't have a willing mouthpiece anymore.

Population Growth and Chronic Unemployment Increases

The mixture of growth and job loss did not occur during GD I, but we have this plague today, a good article in part:

“…Furthermore, the loss of 6.5 million jobs over the 18 months of this recession dramatically understates the hole in the current labor market. To keep up with population growth, the economy needs to add around 127,000 jobs every month, so the labor market needed to grow 2.3 million jobs over this period. All told, the labor market is currently 8.8 million jobs below where it would need to be to maintain pre-recession employment levels. If there is any good news in this report, it is that despite the increase in job loss from May, the pace of losses still appears to be slowing from the enormous declines of earlier this year. In the first quarter of 2009, the economy shed 691,000 jobs per month, on average, but in the second quarter the losses averaged 436,000 jobs per month.

The continued losses, however, mean unemployment is still rising. This recession has set a new unemployment benchmark as unemployment has increased by 4.6 percentage points, higher than the rise of unemployment in the 1980s recession. Unemployment rose from 9.4% in May to 9.5% in June as 218,000 people were added to the jobless rolls. One of the reasons the unemployment rate did not rise more than it did in June was due to a shrinkage of the labor force of 155,000 workers, partially offsetting the labor force gain in May of 350,000 workers. There are now 14.7 million unemployed workers in this country, up 7.2 million from the start of the recession. The picture changes dramatically, though, when considering the broader measure of underemployment. If the ranks of the “marginally attached” (jobless workers who want a job but are not actively seeking work and so are not counted as officially unemployed) and “involuntary part-time workers” (those who want full-time jobs but can’t get the hours) are added to the mix, the figure rises to 25.9 million, which means nearly one in six U.S. workers (16.5%) is either un- or underemployed….”

The rest of the GD II URL:

This is GD II using historical GD I unemployment as the marker for today. To me, chronic unemployment getting worse and worse is the definition of a depression.

The GD I stocks did fall 50% and then rebounded 6 months later by 50% [25% of the old high]; very close to what GD II did today. in 2009.

See the chart for GD I, to possibly predict GD II:

Even Obama Agrees With Me On Unemployment

Article in part:

"...The new Labor Department numbers show that employers cut 247,000 jobs in July, another job loss but also the smallest reduction of any month this year. The unemployment rate dropped marginally from 9.5 percent to 9.4 percent, although one of the reasons for that change is that hundreds of thousands of people left the labor force...."

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Hades, even the Space Shuttle is an old 70s invention, yet we tout it as a Baby Boomer invention.

Look around, almost everything we have in our house /office [except smaller versions] was invented prior to the 80s: this includes plasma TVs, PCs, internet, LCDs, ultrasound, microcircuits, etc, etc....the internal combustion engine was a 1900 invention and we argue if the Japanese do better than the Americans remaking this antique system.

Even today's PhDs aren't publishing like they did in the 60s and 70s. So why have we apparently almost stopped inventing in America?

I believe its because over-crowded nations don't have the "hope" and "dreams" that people have when they have clean air and open spaces. Kids in the 60s and the 70s grew up on like acre lots or more; while some of today's kids live in home owners associations with homes 8' apart [if they're lucky]....a massive chunk of kids today are crammed in 2 bdrm apartments with a single parent barely making it.

More proof of my substantiated allegation is the World Economic Forum's (WEF's) 2007 Rankings of countries in technological innovation. America used to be number one, but with all its recent population growth, has dropped down to #7. That's not bad [Japan's #19, India's #44, Mexico's #49 and China's #59]. But, dinky Denmark is #1 and almost all the top ten slots were grabbed by European countries; i.e., countries that controlled population growth!

I'll give you this historical WEF website reference:

The URL above probably won't work anymore and they stopped tracking population technological rankings at guess is America isn't in the top ten anymore with all its population growth and the WEF Rankings are also an apparent embarrassment to globalists outsourcing to Asian countries.

I saved it this Overpopulation website, anticipating the "globalist politics" clouding/mitigating free thought [just scroll down to my 6/26/08 entree].

Thursday, June 25, 2009



So you don’t trust ole softie’s gut feel projections.
World Oil Consumption is approx flat since 2004-2009 at approx 84-86 million barrels/day.

Compare that to the 2009 projection URL of 85 at $70/barrel, and golly gee willerkers….we’re using about the same oil in 2009 than 2006, even with a horrifying economic downturn. That's very odd indeed isn't it?

IMO there could likely be an approx 40% oil use consumption increase tied to Chinese stimulus/oil debt use. Add in the short-term world stimulus debt injections in America/Europe and the oil we saved by reducing economic activity was lost to short-term debt. I still see the freeways where I live with substantially reduced traffic in 2009 and stand firm in my prediction. Without world stimulus debt, especially China, I imagine we could be at 55 miliion barrels/day oil use, right now....the equivalent of slashing world population density by approx 40% too, curing global warming. We're debt apparently infusing global warming right now.

Maybe we don’t need all them hybrids and smart cars after all? All we needed was the equivalent of depopulation to solve global warming, a good ole fashion economic crisis? LOL