Friday, September 11, 2009


A three headed monster [reducing consumer spending], getting bigger and bigger everyday is an 85% spike in unemployment affecting college degreed professionals earlier this year alone:

States in part:

“…Electrical Engineers Experience Record Job Losses
The unemployment rage for electrical engineers doubled during the second quarter of 2009….”

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More degreed unemployment news in part:

“…The total number of unemployed increased by more than 50 percent from January 2008 through last month, but the number of jobless Americans 55 or older jumped 70 percent, according to new Labor Department numbers released Friday.

And for people with college degrees, the number rose even more sharply, by nearly 85 percent.

The numbers confirmed a trend that job cuts are moving up the age and educational ladders, said Andrew Stettner, deputy director of the National Employment Law Project….”

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How about nursing? In part:

“….More hospitals have recorded mass layoffs in 2008 than in any year in the past decade. More than 9,700 hospital employees will have filed initial claims for unemployment compensation in 2008 as a result of mass layoffs. That would be highest such number since 2005, which saw nearly 13,300 laid off, and 28% more than the 10-year average. The news comes despite the relative optimism in healthcare as compared to the rest of the economy, where most other major sectors of employment have posted net losses of jobs for the year….”

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I’d add most of the layoffs are related to overpopulation and the surge in Uncompensated care, see surge chart in article above. The article above also states in part:

“…Uncompensated care is defined as the overall measure of hospital care provided for which no payment was received from the patient or employer. It is the sum of a hospital’s “bad debt” and the charity care it provides. Uncompensated care excludes other unfunded costs of care, such as underpayment from Medicaid and Medicare…”

How about teachers? See the California news and believe me, its coming to a theater near you too very soon:

“….California law requires local school districts to inform teachers, counselors, nurses and other school employees by March 15 that they could be laid off at the end of the school semester. The across-the-board budget cuts have pushed districts to issue layoff notices to more than 26,000 teachers….”

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I’d add

etc, etc….

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