Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Alabama's E-Verify Law is NOW Not Two Years From Now, Like the National Republican Bill

Alabama's Current E-verify Implementation Made SWE Smile

Article in part:

"....Johnson's concern is shared by business owners in other states that have adopted laws like Alabama's. California farmers are so worried about the effects of E-Verify they have lobbied federal lawmakers to create a new temporary worker designation so they can retain their current labor force, the Fresno Bee recently reported.


I loved the reference "current", RE: E-verify implementation in Alabama. Now these Alabama state Republicans would definitely get SWE's vote.

Seeeeeee....ya don't need a year or two to implement E-verify with phony Republican Bills, follow Alabama's "Current" coat tail. Now, you blue dog Dem/Rep's and IA employers can go on a defamation of character rampage against SWE's article.

The Election Process is a Dem/Rep Immigration Circus

The Dem/Rep Circus Tents are All Set Up for the 2012 Election

Welcome American voters to the immigration law enforcement Illusion Tent, cries the circus barker.

The circus schedule is slated for a year or two of foot draggin' on E-verify so ya all buy your tickets and be prepared for the clown acts. We have the open border Democrats on one end of the arena and the elephant Republicans on the other side with "enforcement" banners over their backs, while they both pretend to fight each other for the covetted votes of the voter audience.

Enjoy the ficticious and time wasting hot air show!

The Republicans Want a Year or Two to Aid America's Unemployed

He Made Partial Sense Until He Stated This

"...This is why the problem doesn't get solved. The reality is that if the people in D.C. actually want to put an end to illegal immigration, they could do it within a year or two without resorting to the open borders and amnesty crowd's favorite imaginary bugaboo: rounding up millions of people, one by one, and deporting them...."


What's this BS of waiting a year or two for results, RE: current laws on the books????

The unemployed Americans can't wait a year or two for E-verify in the workplace and the rationale for doing it, IMO, is just smoke and mirror Republican talk to get their open border candidates elected, pretending they're doing something, with no results but hot air in the present time.

Job Creation Requires Halting Immigration Overpopulation

On the "Current" Job Creation Issue

We all know E-verify implemented NOW is the key, but the article also highlighted a Dem/Rep failing in immigration practice too, as follows:

"... While immigration is supposed to respond to economic conditions, at least in theory, the solution from members on both sides of the aisle in the face of a crippling recession and the highest unemployment rate in thirty years is to bring in even more foreign workers..."


The lion's share of the current crop of Dem/Rep politicians apparently just don't get it. It doesn't take a rocket scientist economist to predict without a halt to chronic levels of overpopulation through legal/illegal immigration NOW, we're throwing overpopulation gasoline on the CURRENT unemployment bon fire.

Great article FAIRUS.ORG. Another GREAT reason for depopulation in America. I enjoyed the neutral partisan approach of the article too, SWE's cup of tea [a real Tea Party for depopulation].

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sanctuary States Are Two Faced

Time Magazine Shows Washington State’s Unemployment Worsening, More than Average State Levels


“….Unemployment has been hovering at or above 9 percent for more than two years and real average hourly wages for those who have jobs declined 1.3 percent over the 12 months through July. Even with 3 percent growth in the economy last year, real median income for U.S. households dropped in 2010 to the lowest level since 1996, according to a census report issued yesterday….”


I see even household incomes are dropping now, even with more multiple incomes living in each home.

A caveat, I manage a company which employs my daughter [she gets most of the loot], yet the contract by the state requires background checks and if you commit a crime [just about anything] you’re fired. The state requires proof of residency [SS card and drivers licence], but this sanctuary state will allow IAs [hey, they commit law breaking just by being here] to submit power bills and other winks and nods. We’ve become a lawless state, yet we fire for being lawless….am I missing something here? It isn’t like the IAs work for any less loot either.