Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Is the United Nation's Agenda 21 Just a Wild Fringe News Story for Today?

Nothing Seems to Make Sense When America’s Sovereign Laws on Immigration are Ignored By the Open Border Pundits and Foreign/Corporate Globalists I’m trying to approach this “Frankenstein” with a cool calm blog attitude [that doesn't appear paranoid], but let’s pragmatically look at the bizzarre open border facts and try to explain the reason our government is pushing this country into theoretical extinction. I read this recent local news opinion letter from a Wisconsin County news source and its fight to ban the 1992 Agenda 21 implementation. It startled me, because it explains the reason for this FAIRUS.ORG amnesty and overpopulation fight even existing. I’m new to this type of NWO rationale, and don’t want to appear fringe. But good gosh, what’s more fringe than refusing to obey our sovereign immigration laws? A snipet from the opinion letter: “…From bailouts to racism, climate change to gun rights, cities shut down to terrorism. The list is almost endless. These are the things that keep Americans terminally ill to the fact that our country is being dismantled. Many of our leaders vote in the interest of their highest paid concerns and the system of checks and balances almost nonexist. The dismantling of our country is not only on the federal level. State, county and local agencies, unelected, by the people, regulate on our daily lives, accessing our personal records and private property without warrants using as little as anonymous calls to do it. Threatening and imposing large fines on citizens, making it harder to survive in an already threatened economy….” http://www.ashlandwi.com/opinion/letters/article_8f718896-3e02-11e4-b037-3b2742076711.html Please read the rest of this opinion letter from the URL I pasted above. Its very well written and yes, local governments are taking it serious enough to vote to ban this UN resolution from their communities. It appears fringe and paranoid, but is it? Its definitely a bucket of worms to understand if the United nations Agenda 21 is the real culprit behind the following: Current Open Borders to destroy and bankrupt America through overpopulation invasion. Depopulation not voluntary [like current sovereign America's 1.7 birthrate without immigration simultaneously overpopulating it], but “mandatory” [I've read down from 7 billion to 0.5 billion on Earth]. Eventual elimination of automobile use. Eventual elimination of land and home ownership. Bulldozing the subburbs and making us live as serfs in condo prisons in the city centers. Do I believe Agenda 21 is behind this current push for amnesty? I’m gathering more facts, but it appears possible and at the worst case scenario, likely. Amnesty open borders ignoring our sovereign immigration laws is the way to currently dismantle our sovereign government control through overpopualtion bankruptcy. Step one in Agenda 21.