Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Canary in the American Overpopulation Mine

The Root Cause of America’s Current Economic Problems Can be directly linked to globalism stealing our product development engineering and manufacturing; then the subsequent overpopulation debt to add “temporary phony jobs” bulding masses of glue board shacks on credit for all the new foreign arrivals….with no jobs for them anyway. if we stay on this overpopulation debt course of “no need for engineering product development” service economy; the canary in our “Titanic sinking economy” mine is the engineer. When the engineer is a dead canary, all the rest of our American jobs and professions are about dead too. Its the first domino.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Launderred Money

Have You Noticed the Proliferation of Not Only Payday Loan Shark Businesses But simultaneously attached Western Union services too. The cheaper insourced workers [our lower paid replacements from abroad] send the American loot out of this country in huge barrells to their motherlands….little good it does America for churning our local businesses increasing money supplies for investing in local real estate too. How much of these MASSIVE laundered funds didn’t get taxed too is anyones’ guess; the money and the recipients can all be undocumented….along with the drug money profits mixed in. I’ve heard low-balled estimates on this money transferring [launderring] from banksters and don’t believe a single word….. And making ‘em citizens won’t change this pattern either….it will just make it worse as they come out of the shadows more….

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Legal Citizens Get No Obamacare When Legal Immigrants Do

It Gets Worse If You Read Obamacare Implementation If a state rejects giving Medicaid to the uninsured [the Supreme Court allows this BTW] and assuming approx 70% of the uninsured WILL NEED MEDICAID [I've read this in the past]….only the “legal immigrants” will get Medicaid [IAs never could] and the much larger group of poor, the LEGAL CITIZENS will not qualify for Medicaid. The same logic applies to the insurance choice consortium….the legal citizens in that rejected Medicaid state can’t qualify for that under Obamacare either.–politics.html This is what happens when we vote a bill in and we didn’t read it carefully enough. I see pitchforks and fires in the street over this “GLITCH” in states that reject Medicaid in Obamacare.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hopelessly Throw More Overpopulation Debt Money at It

We have zombie low interest rates coupled with “0% Mattress Savings Interest Rates” [albeit your mattress might be safer to put it than a bank] and we call it the Recession is over, bottom of the bubble. When was the horrifying top then? I know, past Seattle free economy American history has no place today, we’ve entered the Fascist foreign/corporate controlled Twilight Zone….but let’s face it, all the really good times in Seattle for home affordability in the past were when home mortgages were 6-8%, population density was about 1/5th of today’s and home ownership was affordable with one income. We had youth full of hope then, that learned math ond science for half of the staff cost of today’s public schools….but we also had 1 acre lots in Seattle, tree houses, dirt bikes and green belts galore too….not kids crammed in apartments/condos, with no place to dream except in front of a Halo video game in the living room. But what the heck, throw more money at it anyway…..borrow [take] it from our Social Security, we’ll never retire anyway….