Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Low Fertility Rates Are Good for the Environment

I'd add too that the 100M added to our population since 1990 has been basically linear [don't blame it all on Bush or Clinton, as it was equally both their faults] and mostly immigration....adding in the illegal aliens borrowing the subprime loans too, makes it even worse.
The legal American citizen Baby Boomers did not cause this post 1990 population growth; it was clearly uncontrolled immigration. The need to build new homes and degrade the environment since 1990 was basically uncontrolled immigration and a concurrent shut down of our American domestic industrial base [globalization].
Here's some Numbersusa data in part:
"....1970-80The American fertility rate fell to replacement level in 1972, making it possible for the nation to eventually reach a widely held dream for a stable population. A national government commission recommended that the nation would be best served in reaching its environmental, economic and social goals by a stabilizing population. Numerous experts and commentators predicted that each decade would see lower and lower population growth until early in the 21st century there would be no growth at all.
1980-90Despite continuing below-replacement-level fertility, population growth continued at the level of the previous decade. The reason was that Congress had created a system of chain migration that snowballed and doubled annual legal immigration over traditional levels. Further adding to the population, Congress for the first time ever rewarded illegal aliens -- about 3 million of them -- with a path to citizenship. Federal immigration policy was negating the results of Americans choosing to have smaller families.
1990-2000The dream of a stabilized — or even a stabilizing — population was proven to be nothing but a fairy tale as U.S. population exploded with its biggest growth ever. The Baby Boom peak was exceeded — not by a big increase in Americans' babies but because Congress further increased immigration to a level almost quadruple the traditional level. And federal decisions to stop enforcing most laws against illegal immigration in the interior of the country led to additional higher levels of illegal aliens in the country. Yet another cause of the boom was immigrant fertility. Although American natives maintained a below-replacement-level fertility rate, immigrant fertility was at a similar rate to the U.S. Baby Boom fertility of the 1950s...."
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This uncontrolled immigration tidal wave that has hit America definitely caused the Economic Crisis today and stalling its dire consequences by borrowing our grandchildrens' money to keep a phony industrial base, "glue board home manufacturing" going has proven a complete disaster!
Without immediate depopulation in America [and in the world too] ASAP, we'll never get out of this mess, ever.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Greenspan wants to worsen the situation. Here's a blog I recently submitted to Dr. Noureil Roubini that sums it up:
Yeah, its politically correct to support more American growth [overpopulation]; but its political suicide for America to tweak the average household income numbers up adding in the top 10% of American incomes; when we all know the bottom 90% of American incomes are collapsing due to uncontrolled growth wage deterioration.
Any of you Dems [or Reps for that matter] out there have a magic wand to make the bottom 90% of American wages go up to ever save housing; with simultaneous uncontrolled population growth and a relatively stagnant GDP?
On our present uncontrolled growth path, without workable environmental plans to control resource depletion [i.e., feeding too many people in America; makes recycling or driving hybrids a moot point], I predict this recession we're in now, will never end. Until we depopulate America.
Demographers and scientists like me totally agree on this scientific fact [current American overpopulation]; but who are we, we're Dr. Frankensteins to the Dems/Reps, trying to solve the world's problems; rather than hide from them in denial.
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Thursday, June 26, 2008



I was doing some techie search engine analyses and discovered an interesting anomaly. The World Economic Forum's Annual IT Ratings have apparently been eliminated. The last publication of them was April 2007. See the proof:


Here's the April 2007 results:

Top 10 countries by Networked Readiness IndexSource: World Economic Forum (full list available as a PDF)Country 2006-07 rank 2005-06 rank Denmark 1 3 Sweden 2 8 Singapore 3 2 Finland 4 5 Switzerland 5 9 Netherlands 6 12 United States 7 1 Iceland 8 4 United Kingdom 9 10 Norway 10 13 Mexico was rated 49, Japan 19, China 59 and India 44; way below the top ten in IT and communications technological innovation.

All this data suggests a positive proof to a basic assertion; those countries (like European countries) who control population growth do well in technological innovation.Coincidentally, the 2008 follow on annual data was apparently eliminated. Perhaps the truth about technology ratings contradicts many decisions made in America to utilize more technology outsourcing away from expertise countries to subpar overpopulated ones; to save labor costs?Irrespective, the truth shines out anyway in 2008, documenting per capita income food impacts globally causing a systematic financial risk. See the proof:


We must depopoulate worldwide ASAP or the house of cards balanced on peak oil will tumble soon. Decreased per capita incomes is fueling the house price collapses worldwide as greed for lower (even technologically subpar) labor rates and more uncontrolled growth blinds us to make the housing collapse worse and in my opinion, no end in sight.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A 2008 Letter to U.S. News & World Report

America’s Recent Overpopulation Inflation Cannot Sustain Adequate Wages for Home Purchases

REGARDING, “NIGHTMARE ON MAIN STREET” [March 10]: I have never read so many lame brain excuses over the cause of the current housing bust in the last six months, when its obvious to me the root cause was unplanned overpopulation growth in America, with subsequent wage mitigation. It may have looked good to a lot of Americans to see unplanned American population growth with simultaneous sky-rocketing home inflation prices; but with all this short sighted greed blinding us, we forgot to notice the party’s suddenly done, wages have mitigated with overpopulation competition and there’s now a terrible piper to pay to bail this mess out. I noticed in 1990, America was overpopulated at 250 million people, yet gas was like under a buck a gallon and homes were about 1/3 the cost today, in approximate 2008 dollars too. Since then, we’ve added 25-45% people to America on a linear legal/illegal immigration population growth curve since 1990, clearly causing an exponential inflation growth of approximately 200%. I’d call population growth linear and the inflation it causes horrifyingly exponential. America’s wages did not go up even half the real core inflation rate since 1990; if you take housing costs, energy, college education, food, medical expenses, etc, etc into the equation. That’s why we’re in this mortgage mess. Its greed and uncontrolled legal/illegal immigration population growth. We need a break from immigration population growth in America now, or we’ll fall like Rome. If America can show the rest of the world how to depopulate as soon as possible, our example may likely be the world’s inflation cure too, assuming they follow our scientific environmental lead.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Children, Children's Children: 'Stop Worrying About Us'
February 18, 2008 Issue 44•08
WASHINGTON—In a statement channeled back across generations to the present day, the nation's children and the nation's children's children called for an end to decades of passionate oratory over their well-being.
The future youth addressed all those who reference them regularly, including presidential candidates, Iraq War protesters, celebrities recording public service announcements, and anyone about to inaugurate a new community center.
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"Treat yourself to some short-term gratification for once, and leave the future to us," Future child Samantha Jacobson read from the prepared statement.
"Put those silly fears aside," the not- yet-conceived children and their offspring wrote, stressing that, while they appreciated concerns over whether they would have access to clean water or ever see a majestic bald eagle, they'd prefer for those currently living to focus on their own lives in the here and now.
"We'll be fine," Samantha Jacobson, a representative from an uncertain tomorrow, read from the letter at a press conference Tuesday. "It's nice how you're always wondering if your actions will deprive us of a glorious heritage of peace and liberty to look back upon, smiling proudly, but, please, let us worry about that. You've sacrificed more than enough for the future—our future—already."
"Really," Jacobson added. "If the ecosystem gets destroyed or the world is plunged into perpetual war, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it."
Signed by 150 influential members of the two forthcoming coming generations, the statement included requests to discontinue all debate over the potential future of such intangible resources as health, earth's natural beauty, and the ability to sit together at the table of brotherhood. The children's children furthermore asked their soon-to-be ancestors to desist all plans to plant trees or write letters to Congress on their behalf.
"There's been a lot of talk about what kind of world you'll be sentencing us to live in, but, come what may, we children of tomorrow are pretty sure we'll make do," the letter read. "How much damage can you realistically do in one lifetime anyway? In 20 or 30 years any major problems will have blown right over. At the very least, take comfort in telling yourselves that technology will develop a new and ingenious method for counteracting whatever negative impact you do have on our ability to breathe the air, watch the stars, or otherwise live in a world free from fear. Right?"
"Besides," it continued, "we'd never be able to enjoy our precious future lives knowing you had wasted every waking hour recycling beer bottles on our behalf."
The note ended by insisting that, whatever happens, the children's children will harbor no hard feelings toward those living today who simply choose to live their lives without fretting about environmental holocaust.
"You work hard, you pay your taxes—go ahead and use as much Styrofoam as you need," the statement concluded. "Who's to say we won't need big piles of Styrofoam in the future? We might. So go ahead and get that Range Rover, because it shouldn't be the privilege of future generations to limit your right to spacious leg room and all-wheel drive."
The letter has caused a stir among commencement speakers, mayors with plans to christen pediatric-hospital wings, and countless others who have spoken tirelessly for the benefit of their children's children from behind podiums. Some staunch supporters, such as Fitchburg, MA resident Nicholas Charters, claimed the letter only bolsters the case for protecting our nation's future.
"We must protect our right to defend our children's children," said Charters, who is contemplating a run for a city council opening. "If not for ourselves, then for our parents, and our parents' parents, who established a great tradition of worrying about the future that stretches back nearly 300 years."
Nevertheless, a majority of those interviewed were relieved to hear their hypothetical offspring are finally taking some initiative.
"It's a load off my mind," said Martin Paller, the 32-year-old inventor of disposable, single-use bath towels. "It will be nice to take some time and focus on myself for a change."

Greenspan: Americans Make Too Much Money, Need to Be Replaced With Immigrants
"Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said the U.S. is on the edge of recession. The mortgage crisis and high energy prices are weighing on the economy. And if Congress caps carbon dioxide emissions, that could make things worse. 'I think we're clearly on the edge,' Mr. Greenspan said at the Cambridge Energy Research Associates annual conference. The chance of a recession is '50 percent or better.' One thing the country could do to improve things is to allow more immigration of skilled workers," the Dallas Morning News reported. "'Significantly opening up immigration to skilled workers solves two problems,' he said. The companies could hire the educated workers they need. And those workers would compete with high-income people, driving more income equality, he said."