Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Low Fertility Rates Are Good for the Environment

I'd add too that the 100M added to our population since 1990 has been basically linear [don't blame it all on Bush or Clinton, as it was equally both their faults] and mostly immigration....adding in the illegal aliens borrowing the subprime loans too, makes it even worse.
The legal American citizen Baby Boomers did not cause this post 1990 population growth; it was clearly uncontrolled immigration. The need to build new homes and degrade the environment since 1990 was basically uncontrolled immigration and a concurrent shut down of our American domestic industrial base [globalization].
Here's some Numbersusa data in part:
"....1970-80The American fertility rate fell to replacement level in 1972, making it possible for the nation to eventually reach a widely held dream for a stable population. A national government commission recommended that the nation would be best served in reaching its environmental, economic and social goals by a stabilizing population. Numerous experts and commentators predicted that each decade would see lower and lower population growth until early in the 21st century there would be no growth at all.
1980-90Despite continuing below-replacement-level fertility, population growth continued at the level of the previous decade. The reason was that Congress had created a system of chain migration that snowballed and doubled annual legal immigration over traditional levels. Further adding to the population, Congress for the first time ever rewarded illegal aliens -- about 3 million of them -- with a path to citizenship. Federal immigration policy was negating the results of Americans choosing to have smaller families.
1990-2000The dream of a stabilized — or even a stabilizing — population was proven to be nothing but a fairy tale as U.S. population exploded with its biggest growth ever. The Baby Boom peak was exceeded — not by a big increase in Americans' babies but because Congress further increased immigration to a level almost quadruple the traditional level. And federal decisions to stop enforcing most laws against illegal immigration in the interior of the country led to additional higher levels of illegal aliens in the country. Yet another cause of the boom was immigrant fertility. Although American natives maintained a below-replacement-level fertility rate, immigrant fertility was at a similar rate to the U.S. Baby Boom fertility of the 1950s...."
The rest of the URL:
This uncontrolled immigration tidal wave that has hit America definitely caused the Economic Crisis today and stalling its dire consequences by borrowing our grandchildrens' money to keep a phony industrial base, "glue board home manufacturing" going has proven a complete disaster!
Without immediate depopulation in America [and in the world too] ASAP, we'll never get out of this mess, ever.

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