Thursday, June 25, 2009



So you don’t trust ole softie’s gut feel projections.
World Oil Consumption is approx flat since 2004-2009 at approx 84-86 million barrels/day.

Compare that to the 2009 projection URL of 85 at $70/barrel, and golly gee willerkers….we’re using about the same oil in 2009 than 2006, even with a horrifying economic downturn. That's very odd indeed isn't it?

IMO there could likely be an approx 40% oil use consumption increase tied to Chinese stimulus/oil debt use. Add in the short-term world stimulus debt injections in America/Europe and the oil we saved by reducing economic activity was lost to short-term debt. I still see the freeways where I live with substantially reduced traffic in 2009 and stand firm in my prediction. Without world stimulus debt, especially China, I imagine we could be at 55 miliion barrels/day oil use, right now....the equivalent of slashing world population density by approx 40% too, curing global warming. We're debt apparently infusing global warming right now.

Maybe we don’t need all them hybrids and smart cars after all? All we needed was the equivalent of depopulation to solve global warming, a good ole fashion economic crisis? LOL

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