Friday, July 25, 2014

Anti-Amnesty Demonstrations In All American States a Huge Success

California Needs More Population Growth? “..The NASA and University of California research used monthly gravity data to measure changes in water mass in the basin from December 2004 to November of last year, and used that data to track groundwater depletion. “Combined with declining snowpack and population growth, this will likely threaten the long-term ability of the basin to meet its water-allocation commitments to the seven basin states and to Mexico, Jay Famiglietti, senior author on the study and senior water-cycle specialist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said in a statement….” Even this MSM artcle glosses over this horrification IMO. “likely threaten….long-term ability”? How about threatens short-term Summer supplies and the citris farm trees are dying too per NPR. “…”If we don’t get any water, by July or August our trees are going to start dying,” she says. Collins is just one of almost 4,000 citrus farmers in California — a $2-billion-a-year industry. Her story isn’t unique. The recent rains are the only thing keeping her grove alive right now, but the rainy season is ending….” What are our useless Democrat and Republicans and MSM doing about this American catastrophe. Nothing, just lying about it, apparently. "...Anti-Amnesty Protests Around the U.S. This Weekend “Paul Arnold is living proof that one man with an idea can make a difference. I spoke with him just a few weeks ago and he told me he wanted to do a nationwide protest against this crazy push for Amnesty and illegal immigration and instead of sitting around, pissing and moaning like most of us do – he just went out and did it,” says “Paul Arnold and The “National Days of Protest against Immigration Reform; Amnesty & the Illegal Immigration Surge,” was a massive success Friday and Saturday with over 400 protests around the nation – in EVERY STATE!!”..."

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pouring More Overpopulation Gasoline on the American Income Inequality Gap Fire Will Help Put It Out?

I Just Stumbled On to an Open Border Take in Fortune magazine, 1/13/14, Page 54. Titlled, “Will Allowing More Foreign Workers Shrink the Salary Gap?”, Nina Easton. This hogwash article tries to be neutral, but inserts the bogus Greenspan formula for success…..bring in the brainy foreigners to replace American degreed professionals [it doesn't say, but we all know, at substantially lower salaries like MSFT does] and the income inequality gap is fixed. All of us become paupers. I think we should replace Ms. Easton’s job first…..LOL. There’s more overpopulation news in this Fortune Magazine too….turn to page 12, “China Goes (Baby) Boom”, by Scott Cendrowski. This article is far more neutral, albeit emphasizes that 1 child per family creates an abundance of males and a growing elderly population. It infers that worker productivity magically goes up with more births. Doesn’t say how, just states it. It then goes on to state that China’s labor issues [they want more pay] can’t be fixed with more children anyway….

Monday, September 23, 2013

Americans Impacted by Low Overpopulation Wages Can't Afford New Cars

Legal Ameicans Paid Too Much? This question may seem unrelated to the current amnesty bill, but IMO it isn't. Our open border politicians feel by bringing in our low paid foreign replacements; we give the American corporations [much of this is foreign owned now] their only chance to compete globally. The problem with this logic is simple, it excludes a technical understanding of how manufaturing works in a country [we've forgotten the basics in our mostly service based economy]. Manufacturing automobiles, a good example, requires American high pay, or we stop buying them. As this demographic shift due to lower overpopulation wages quickly/immediately impacts American consumers; the foreign headquarters' automotive companies will have to close their assembly plants in America. Their motherland assembly plants will be the last to close, because near their headquarters are their engineers. Its far cheaper to use on-going producibility with headquarters' engineers when the plants are near by, than using costly and inefficient business travel to other countries for product changes/improvements that occur constantly in manufaturing of automobiles. NWO non-technicals can't grasp this basic manufacturing technical fact(s). Many would call me a protectionist bigot for even bringing this basic "technical" manufacturing fact up.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Illegal Aliens (IAs) are Just the Tip of the Overpopulation Iceberg Destroying America's Economy

The IA Pandering is Just the Tip of the Open Border Iceberg the America Titanic is Heading Straight Towards. Its not just wasteful Immigration Bills and furloughing Real Americans at the same time that makes absolutely NO SENSE in America….. Its not just the CLEAR FACT open border foreign corporate planners obviously hate American engineers [the brightest in the world] competing with foreign ones lacking innovation/invention skills and have butcher axed 150K of them [even the DOD furlough includes 100K engineers] recently to “LEVEL THE WORLD’s PLAYING FIELD”…. Its the MASS INVASION of foreign nurses/doctors into America too. Article: “…Approximately 15 percent of all healthcare workers and 25 percent of all physicians in the United States were born and educated elsewhere. This means that 1.5 million healthcare jobs are “insourced,” occupied by foreign-born, foreign-trained workers brought into the United States on special visas earmarked for healthcare jobs. This number is 50 percent greater than the total number of jobs in the U.S. auto-manufacturing industry. It’s amazing to consider that in 2008 and 2009, the auto industry, which makes up just 3.6 percent of the U.S. economy, received a $97 billion bailout. If we estimate that each of these 1.5 million insourced healthcare jobs has an average wage of $60,000, that’s $90 billion a year in wages going to people brought into the United States to work rather than training Americans to do the same jobs….” Theses foreign nurses/doctors apparently grab up the best big city jobs in America too, many at lower rates and hours/benefits too….many with subpar training/credentials…..but the open border anarchists could care less about the newly graduated legal American RNs’ approx 50% unemployment rates….

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Asian Overlords Control a Lion's Share of American Manufacturing Today

Although Aerospace Engineering/Manufacturing Demise is Bad News for America With the $2B Cancellation of 747s America's automotive industries make Boeing look like a "mole hill" in comparison. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says it all. During 2006-2010, America butcher axed about 150K engineer jobs. BLS alleges though, that by 2020 America will add 250K [mostly Civil Engineers] to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure….as if BLS is capable of reading tea leaves 7 years in the future and IMO, America’s bankrupt and there’s no way we’ll ever rebuild our infrastructuere on debt. I estimate most of the MASSIVE BUTCHER AXING of American engineer jobs were in automotive and space [shutdown of NASA]….and those “made in America” foreign cars use almost all FOREIGN ENGINEERS. Only Dodge, Chevy and Ford use mostly domestic engineers. Asian Overlords control a lion’s share of our manufacturing today. Yes, American wages will be BUTCHER AXED for blue collar American manufacturing too….its already happenning. The Immigration Bill is the foreign corporate supply of CHEAP LABOR.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Innovating America and the Rest of the World Out of Overpoulation Problems is Now Basically Impossible

LOL: Tomorrow's Part 2 "Innovation Solution" to Allow Overpopulation in America Has Got to be a Joke Take a look at the United States. When we were not overpopulated at the current 300M+ we had room for bigger building lots, homes on large lots affordable on one income, forrests and greenbelts were all over back in the 60s and 70s, when we had 200M people. American children growing up in those decades and even the 50s had room to dream, play and imagine. Almost everyone graduated from public schools and they were taught math and science for half the school staff costs of today. We invented almost all of today's new ideas back then too, including the Space Shuttle. Today, we mostly just reverse engineer and shrink the size of old major inventions. The gas engine for today's car was invented a hundred years ago.... Why you ask was major inventiveness mostly a thing of our far less crowded past? We had hope and space. Today in urban centers, where there's barely enough water for humans in America, we're continuously packing more and more population density in, making building lots smaller, pricing families out of real estate and guess what.....a lion's share of the kids today in America's urban centers live in small crammed apartments. American workers in today's overpopulation get like $10.92/hr and 28 hr weeks on the avg according to the NYTs. Their hope is robbed from current overpopulation in America. The need for engineers is going the way of the dinosaur too....we don't make anything hardly anymore in America....and as the American enginner dies away, so will almost every other profession. The engineer is the canary in the American mine and the canary today is sick indeed. But you might retort, well look at Japan, they're crowded and they still invent. To some degree, but I'd add nothing major being invented there either. Besides, even their manufacturing would be shut down if we stopped feeding them and buying their stuff. That's happenning already as America overpopulates, Japan's answer.....a giganic debt stimulus....its doomed to failure without depopulation there too. in hades do we invent all this hypothetical overpopulation solutions when overpopulation has killed our inventiveness????? The answer is we won't.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Canary in the American Overpopulation Mine

The Root Cause of America’s Current Economic Problems Can be directly linked to globalism stealing our product development engineering and manufacturing; then the subsequent overpopulation debt to add “temporary phony jobs” bulding masses of glue board shacks on credit for all the new foreign arrivals….with no jobs for them anyway. if we stay on this overpopulation debt course of “no need for engineering product development” service economy; the canary in our “Titanic sinking economy” mine is the engineer. When the engineer is a dead canary, all the rest of our American jobs and professions are about dead too. Its the first domino.