Thursday, June 26, 2008



I was doing some techie search engine analyses and discovered an interesting anomaly. The World Economic Forum's Annual IT Ratings have apparently been eliminated. The last publication of them was April 2007. See the proof:

Here's the April 2007 results:

Top 10 countries by Networked Readiness IndexSource: World Economic Forum (full list available as a PDF)Country 2006-07 rank 2005-06 rank Denmark 1 3 Sweden 2 8 Singapore 3 2 Finland 4 5 Switzerland 5 9 Netherlands 6 12 United States 7 1 Iceland 8 4 United Kingdom 9 10 Norway 10 13 Mexico was rated 49, Japan 19, China 59 and India 44; way below the top ten in IT and communications technological innovation.

All this data suggests a positive proof to a basic assertion; those countries (like European countries) who control population growth do well in technological innovation.Coincidentally, the 2008 follow on annual data was apparently eliminated. Perhaps the truth about technology ratings contradicts many decisions made in America to utilize more technology outsourcing away from expertise countries to subpar overpopulated ones; to save labor costs?Irrespective, the truth shines out anyway in 2008, documenting per capita income food impacts globally causing a systematic financial risk. See the proof:

We must depopoulate worldwide ASAP or the house of cards balanced on peak oil will tumble soon. Decreased per capita incomes is fueling the house price collapses worldwide as greed for lower (even technologically subpar) labor rates and more uncontrolled growth blinds us to make the housing collapse worse and in my opinion, no end in sight.

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