Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A 2008 Letter to U.S. News & World Report

America’s Recent Overpopulation Inflation Cannot Sustain Adequate Wages for Home Purchases

REGARDING, “NIGHTMARE ON MAIN STREET” [March 10]: I have never read so many lame brain excuses over the cause of the current housing bust in the last six months, when its obvious to me the root cause was unplanned overpopulation growth in America, with subsequent wage mitigation. It may have looked good to a lot of Americans to see unplanned American population growth with simultaneous sky-rocketing home inflation prices; but with all this short sighted greed blinding us, we forgot to notice the party’s suddenly done, wages have mitigated with overpopulation competition and there’s now a terrible piper to pay to bail this mess out. I noticed in 1990, America was overpopulated at 250 million people, yet gas was like under a buck a gallon and homes were about 1/3 the cost today, in approximate 2008 dollars too. Since then, we’ve added 25-45% people to America on a linear legal/illegal immigration population growth curve since 1990, clearly causing an exponential inflation growth of approximately 200%. I’d call population growth linear and the inflation it causes horrifyingly exponential. America’s wages did not go up even half the real core inflation rate since 1990; if you take housing costs, energy, college education, food, medical expenses, etc, etc into the equation. That’s why we’re in this mortgage mess. Its greed and uncontrolled legal/illegal immigration population growth. We need a break from immigration population growth in America now, or we’ll fall like Rome. If America can show the rest of the world how to depopulate as soon as possible, our example may likely be the world’s inflation cure too, assuming they follow our scientific environmental lead.

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