Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Launderred Money

Have You Noticed the Proliferation of Not Only Payday Loan Shark Businesses But simultaneously attached Western Union services too. The cheaper insourced workers [our lower paid replacements from abroad] send the American loot out of this country in huge barrells to their motherlands….little good it does America for churning our local businesses increasing money supplies for investing in local real estate too. How much of these MASSIVE laundered funds didn’t get taxed too is anyones’ guess; the money and the recipients can all be undocumented….along with the drug money profits mixed in. I’ve heard low-balled estimates on this money transferring [launderring] from banksters and don’t believe a single word….. And making ‘em citizens won’t change this pattern either….it will just make it worse as they come out of the shadows more….

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