Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Legal Citizens Get No Obamacare When Legal Immigrants Do

It Gets Worse If You Read Obamacare Implementation If a state rejects giving Medicaid to the uninsured [the Supreme Court allows this BTW] and assuming approx 70% of the uninsured WILL NEED MEDICAID [I've read this in the past]….only the “legal immigrants” will get Medicaid [IAs never could] and the much larger group of poor, the LEGAL CITIZENS will not qualify for Medicaid. The same logic applies to the insurance choice consortium….the legal citizens in that rejected Medicaid state can’t qualify for that under Obamacare either.–politics.html This is what happens when we vote a bill in and we didn’t read it carefully enough. I see pitchforks and fires in the street over this “GLITCH” in states that reject Medicaid in Obamacare.

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