Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Alabama's E-Verify Law is NOW Not Two Years From Now, Like the National Republican Bill

Alabama's Current E-verify Implementation Made SWE Smile

Article in part:

"....Johnson's concern is shared by business owners in other states that have adopted laws like Alabama's. California farmers are so worried about the effects of E-Verify they have lobbied federal lawmakers to create a new temporary worker designation so they can retain their current labor force, the Fresno Bee recently reported.


I loved the reference "current", RE: E-verify implementation in Alabama. Now these Alabama state Republicans would definitely get SWE's vote.

Seeeeeee....ya don't need a year or two to implement E-verify with phony Republican Bills, follow Alabama's "Current" coat tail. Now, you blue dog Dem/Rep's and IA employers can go on a defamation of character rampage against SWE's article.

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