Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Republicans Want a Year or Two to Aid America's Unemployed

He Made Partial Sense Until He Stated This

"...This is why the problem doesn't get solved. The reality is that if the people in D.C. actually want to put an end to illegal immigration, they could do it within a year or two without resorting to the open borders and amnesty crowd's favorite imaginary bugaboo: rounding up millions of people, one by one, and deporting them...."


What's this BS of waiting a year or two for results, RE: current laws on the books????

The unemployed Americans can't wait a year or two for E-verify in the workplace and the rationale for doing it, IMO, is just smoke and mirror Republican talk to get their open border candidates elected, pretending they're doing something, with no results but hot air in the present time.

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