Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Open Border Extremists Spit on the "Y" Generation

I Especially Liked the Guest Article On the Foreign College Student Visa Horror


"...America has always been the land of promise. The promise to this generation was “Work hard, go to college; jobs will be waiting for you bright young things.” That promise is now riddled with cracks. Sen. Bennet was a former Denver Public Schools superintendent; he should know better. His focus should be on boosting America’s students here and now, on revitalizing the economy, on renewing that promise to this generation and the generations to come. Not flooding the market with more foreign labor while econ-Phd-holding Americans ring up toilet paper at Walmart...."

I got the best years out of Seattle, having been born there and then watching in horror as Bill Gates openned the overpopulation gates to destroy the area. Boeing's part manufacturing was snuffed out when they overbuilt Microsoft on already clogged existing freeways which they couldn't add on to. The local community college kids from the Seattle area were the predominant technical labor force in the late 70s developing the super sucessful 767 [today's Tanker A/C] Boeing outsources to foreign part suppliers and watches their quality and schedules go down the toilet...and we need foreigners clogging our already grim/scarce college educated job market, then destroying our quality and schedules too?

God bless America's "Y" Generation, the generation the open border extremists spit on.

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