Thursday, September 17, 2009


Malthus Theory

Have you ever read George Orwell’s 1984? many of you may be too young, but that used to be required reading to get a high school diploma….its been replaced by our high schools with To Kill a Mockingbird.

Well, assuming you haven’t read it or seen the movie, Orwell predicted in the 30s that by 1984 computers would be watching us, the “newspeak” propaganda would be brainwashing us and man’s freedoms would be taken from him for the public good. I think Orwell was 20-25 years off; we’re living 1984 today. Look at video cameras everywhere, Patriot Act wire tapping into public communications, computers mesmerizing us with brainwashing newspeak [twisted words that make bad things seem good] and freedoms disappearing like the dodo bird, especially as uncontrolled growth mushrooms.

Well, Malthus also made some predictions about how overpopulation would reach an ultimate resource sustainable limit, called “The Malthus Point” about 150 years ago. The basics to Mathus Theory applied: is as Seattle gets more concentrated with population growth the per capita expenditures go down, the wages go down, unemployment and poverty goes way up. Sounds like 2009, doesn’t it; especially considerring both unemployment. [calculated honestly and using 1930 methods] and homelessness has never been so bad in America since the Great Depression.

Today’s economists hate Mathus Theory and so do globalists; as they allege man will continually invent new technology to allow the uncontrolled growth. Yet, when faced with chronic unemployment growth, they have no answer. Sound familiar to 2009 doesn’t it. Hence, the Orwellian newspeak we hear, the recession’s over…LOL

When per capita wages plummet, as they are today with uncontrolled growth in Seattle, there is no way RE prices can go up; unless we can lower interest rates more, which we can’t. We’ve reached that limit too.


Mikata Karasu said...

Good resource for overpopulation info (and elegant arguments against the usual challenges to claims about overpopulation):

Pete Murphy said...

Falling wages and rising unemployment are a direct consequence of the relationship between population density and per capita consumption. Beyond some optimum population density, over-crowding begins to erode per capita consumption. The problem is that per capita consumption and per capita employment are inextricably linked.

The only way for all people of the world to sustainably enjoy a high standard of living is by stabilizing our population at a level that allows for full employment.

Pete Murphy
Author, "Five Short Blasts"

softwarengineer said...

Hi Mikata and Pete:

I know what you mean, I blog all over the web and stumble on news and facts that need to be preserved or they get lost. That's why I started this website, I'm copying and pasting from it can too :-)