Thursday, September 24, 2009


The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics omits this data [I wonder why....LOL], but it is at least partially available in In fact, here’s some states job loss/gain data in the NPPD 9/21/09 news article in part:

“….Forty-two states reported job losses in August, with 14 states reporting unemployment rates of 10 percent or above, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, The heaviest losses came in Texas, which lost 62,200 jobs in August, with the manufacturing, construction, and leisure industries combined reaching 35,500 losses. In Michigan, 42,900 jobs were lost, with 25,000 of them in manufacturing; the state’s unemployment rate rose to 15.2 percent, the highest in the United States. Georgia and Ohio had the third- and fourth-highest losses in August, with 35,000 and 30,100 jobs lost, respectively. Nevada had the second-highest unemployment rate at 13.2 percent, with Rhode Island third at 12.8 percent and California and Oregon tied for fourth with 12.2 percent. Six states had increases in employment in August: North Carolina saw the biggest gains with 7,000, followed by Montana with 5,100 and West Virginia with 2,800. North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska had the lowest unemployment rates in August, at 4.3 percent, 4.9 percent, and 5.0 percent, respectively….”

The rest of the URL:

BTW, I went ahead and used this news article for Dr. Roubini’s bunch and gave my technical estimate for August 2009 job losses in America. States 5-47 were not in the data above, so I estimated an average for the missing states; based on the top 4 states with job losses and the bottom 3 states with job gains.

I came up with 742,000 estimated job losses in America for Aug 2009….makes that 216,000 wild guess [IMO] BLS number that mainstream news is using look like a complete joke, especially since BLS state to state job loss/gain data is conveniently omitted, not allowing an accuracy check.

I hear from Numbersusa sources that Wash St had a 92,000 monthly job loss….Hades, that’s not even in the NPPD data, let alone the omitted BLS wild guess....LOL

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