Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Ralph Nader campaigned for National Initiatives in 2008, rather than relying on only lobbyist controlled politicians deciding our budget/futures and I thought his idea was simply wonderful.

The argument against any type of pure democracy is the masses don't understand and can make bad if our present government's overpopulation debt hasn't pushed us over the unemployment cliff. If bad decisions is the excuse not to let "We the People" vote on amnesty; what's their excuse for a horrifying track record of bad republic government led decisions on the economy?

Also, 80% of Americans consider America's economy in poor shape per a recent AP cake Bernanke and your "recession's over" rhetoric yesterday, Americans clearly don't buy it.

The Recession is Over?

As long as 50% of Americans maintain their household income to 1999 levels, inflation adjusted.

The rest of Americans don't matter to the Democrats or Republicans when calling the economy, they can eat cake.

After-all, $250K/yr household income elite [the approx top 5% of American household incomes BTW] is Middle Class [ask Clinton]. The real 50k/yr average household income in America [which has been stagnant since 1999] can eat cake.

This type of news is not found in economics textbooks or political bandwagon hype, it came from blogs; but it makes perfect common sense to me. Article in part:

"...The press release also said:

“More people were working, especially from households living in smaller flat types. The monthly household income of those living in 3-room HDB flats or smaller also grew by over $300 from $1,910 to $2,220. Even after factoring for inflation, this translated to a 3.5% per annum increase in real terms”.

However, this increase in household income may be due to more people working per household rather than an actual increase in household income. What we need to know is the employed per household data – whether it has gone up - and the extent of it resulting in the 3.5% increase...."

The rest of the URL:

As America's phony unemployment count passes over the fact that one person is working two jobs to get by and/or there's three people working per household so they can eat, rather than the old 1.4 average....the conundrum of a flat household income at $50K looks far worse today, than 1999.

LOL....yes the recession is over for the 50% of Americans that still haven't lost their good jobs.....that is, until they get butcher axed too.

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