Tuesday, September 15, 2009


During my parents' era there was 1.2 worker per household [now its like 1.4]; and we made our house, almost everything in the house and the car in the driveway too....with far less workers/household than today. My dad and all the other households too, had plenty of vacation time to take us kids to Disneyland in the '63 Polara too. America's population was about 150M-200M back then; about half of today's population. And we need more overpopulation today?

I'd add too, a stay at home parent watching the kids [could be mom or dad] generally makes today's daycares a complete joke, quality-wise too. Ask any family socialogist or psychologist; they'll totally agree with me.

Its in China's, Europe's, Japan's, S. Korea's, etc., best interest that America start making about half their stuff [50% maufactured $ items used in America] again. We've reached the last chapter and page of debt; with phony glue board housing as a subpar manufacturing replacement. We can't buy anything from them, without a domestic wage tax base that isn't based on debt.

If these foreign countries have a brain, they'll totally agree with me.

Also, under the Obama/Bush plans; the American industrial base is just suppose to appear out of nowhere, as alleged bright technicals/businessmen start hiring for new ventures. LOL, the money's tight and there's no way we can compete on WTO rules with livable wages, let alone bringing in foreigners to overpopulate America and more RE price collapse.

Answer: start federal contracts with Buy American provisions for "American Manufacturing" ASAP and its much better federal money spent, than giving it away to the banksters....each theroretical American industrial base job creates 3 more Buy American jobs for material/services and all the federal tax costs for the contract(s) get repaid almost immediately and its slam dunk too :-)

Let the WTO eat cake.

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