Tuesday, November 17, 2009

CHINA HAS EGG ON ITS FACE: Updated 12/10/09

There's a Silver Lining To the Economic Mess We're In

Sure, amnesty overpopulation is like adding gasoline to the American unemployment bonfire....but, the open border anarchists' blind rage for amnesty is throwing the baby out with the bath water, IMO. Even a blind rage anarchist is going to "get it" eventually.

Its not just a matter of overpopulating America like Napolitano rants, driving wages down and hogging all the votes.

Since 2006, its estimated yearly world oil consumption/day during this economic mess collapse is approx flat through 2009. Look, we solved global warming and just as if the cure of overpopulation was implemented, albeit the world's short-term stimulus debts brought global warming back up to the horrifying levels it was before the economic crash....the media won't admit it.

IMO. the economic collapse of reduced oil consumption [taking stimulus debt out] is approx equivalent to reducing the earth's population from 6 billion to 3.4 billion in global warming gas reduction and we demonstrated it in just 3 years. Now we can dream, that's good. Or reducing world oil consumption from 85 million/bbls/day to 55.

Throw the old economic models out that growth is good in America and return to environmental science again is possible with a new plan and a clear demonstration of how it works. China knows their shores are plagued by warmer water jelly fish this year, clearly due to global warming IMO. Their reaction was, so what, we're going to burn more energy and ignore the environmental warning signs.

Get it?

Its a silver lining this economic mess. It makes the growth is good rant from countries like China a total joke. Its been clearly disproven by our recent oil use reduction and the real organised crime in the world aren't hiding anymore....

America must lead in example. Step one, depopulate itself and compete with China/Europe. How you ask? The old fashion way, "Yankee Ingenuity", in a world that needs to shrink its population or destroy itself. The fix is gonna take decades bloggers, but smile.....the model of depopulation works!

There is no other way out that doesn't destroy the earth.

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