Thursday, November 12, 2009


About 80% Of America's College Graduate's Move Back Home With Mom and Dad

I believed in legal immigration when America had enough water and jobs for the additional load [back when we had maybe 150M people]....and the lame brain excuse its OK if they have advanced degrees or special skills is moot too, college educated unemployment spiked 85% earlier this year.

Numbersusa totally agrees with me too and wants a moratorium on all immigration until we find jobs for the U2, U3 and U4 unemployment counts.....multiply the 10.2% mainstream media unemployment rate by about 2-3 and you'll get the real number that compares historically to the Great Depression's 25% unemployed. Numbersusa agrees with my unemployment analyses too.

Article Out On Unemployed Americans

It makes those small household income increases the elite shove at us lately look like a complete joke, with the number of workers per household obviously increasing at a horrifying rate due to forced cohabitation of family and about 80% of the college graduates.

More news on overpopulation impact on the US economy:

Basically, only half of Americans households pay any income tax at all. You can imagine that % going way up with amnesty of low wage illegal aliens incorporated.

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