Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Its Horrifying

This comes from the UK Register, dtd Mar 2008, article in part:

"...China also harvests spin-offs from foreign direct investment and joint ventures in the civilian sector, technical knowledge and expertise of students returned from abroad, and state sponsored industrial espionage to increase the level of technologies available to support military research, development, and acquisition.

Beijing’s long-term goal is to create a wholly indigenous defense industrial sector able to meet the needs of PLA modernization as well as to compete as a top-tier producer in the global arms trade. China is already competitive in some areas, such as communications, with leading international defense firms...."

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Add this brain drain from America to China's military buildup and you get horrifying laser capabilities threatening America, article in part:

"...Nevertheless, citing unnamed "top officials," the trade journal asserts that "China not only has the [anti-satellite] capability, but has exercised it. It is not clear when China first used lasers to attack American satellites. Sources would only say that there have been several tests over the past several years."..."

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