Monday, September 23, 2013

Americans Impacted by Low Overpopulation Wages Can't Afford New Cars

Legal Ameicans Paid Too Much? This question may seem unrelated to the current amnesty bill, but IMO it isn't. Our open border politicians feel by bringing in our low paid foreign replacements; we give the American corporations [much of this is foreign owned now] their only chance to compete globally. The problem with this logic is simple, it excludes a technical understanding of how manufaturing works in a country [we've forgotten the basics in our mostly service based economy]. Manufacturing automobiles, a good example, requires American high pay, or we stop buying them. As this demographic shift due to lower overpopulation wages quickly/immediately impacts American consumers; the foreign headquarters' automotive companies will have to close their assembly plants in America. Their motherland assembly plants will be the last to close, because near their headquarters are their engineers. Its far cheaper to use on-going producibility with headquarters' engineers when the plants are near by, than using costly and inefficient business travel to other countries for product changes/improvements that occur constantly in manufaturing of automobiles. NWO non-technicals can't grasp this basic manufacturing technical fact(s). Many would call me a protectionist bigot for even bringing this basic "technical" manufacturing fact up.

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