Thursday, July 11, 2013

Illegal Aliens (IAs) are Just the Tip of the Overpopulation Iceberg Destroying America's Economy

The IA Pandering is Just the Tip of the Open Border Iceberg the America Titanic is Heading Straight Towards. Its not just wasteful Immigration Bills and furloughing Real Americans at the same time that makes absolutely NO SENSE in America….. Its not just the CLEAR FACT open border foreign corporate planners obviously hate American engineers [the brightest in the world] competing with foreign ones lacking innovation/invention skills and have butcher axed 150K of them [even the DOD furlough includes 100K engineers] recently to “LEVEL THE WORLD’s PLAYING FIELD”…. Its the MASS INVASION of foreign nurses/doctors into America too. Article: “…Approximately 15 percent of all healthcare workers and 25 percent of all physicians in the United States were born and educated elsewhere. This means that 1.5 million healthcare jobs are “insourced,” occupied by foreign-born, foreign-trained workers brought into the United States on special visas earmarked for healthcare jobs. This number is 50 percent greater than the total number of jobs in the U.S. auto-manufacturing industry. It’s amazing to consider that in 2008 and 2009, the auto industry, which makes up just 3.6 percent of the U.S. economy, received a $97 billion bailout. If we estimate that each of these 1.5 million insourced healthcare jobs has an average wage of $60,000, that’s $90 billion a year in wages going to people brought into the United States to work rather than training Americans to do the same jobs….” Theses foreign nurses/doctors apparently grab up the best big city jobs in America too, many at lower rates and hours/benefits too….many with subpar training/credentials…..but the open border anarchists could care less about the newly graduated legal American RNs’ approx 50% unemployment rates….

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