Thursday, May 2, 2013

Asian Overlords Control a Lion's Share of American Manufacturing Today

Although Aerospace Engineering/Manufacturing Demise is Bad News for America With the $2B Cancellation of 747s America's automotive industries make Boeing look like a "mole hill" in comparison. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says it all. During 2006-2010, America butcher axed about 150K engineer jobs. BLS alleges though, that by 2020 America will add 250K [mostly Civil Engineers] to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure….as if BLS is capable of reading tea leaves 7 years in the future and IMO, America’s bankrupt and there’s no way we’ll ever rebuild our infrastructuere on debt. I estimate most of the MASSIVE BUTCHER AXING of American engineer jobs were in automotive and space [shutdown of NASA]….and those “made in America” foreign cars use almost all FOREIGN ENGINEERS. Only Dodge, Chevy and Ford use mostly domestic engineers. Asian Overlords control a lion’s share of our manufacturing today. Yes, American wages will be BUTCHER AXED for blue collar American manufacturing too….its already happenning. The Immigration Bill is the foreign corporate supply of CHEAP LABOR.

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