Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Innovating America and the Rest of the World Out of Overpoulation Problems is Now Basically Impossible

LOL: Tomorrow's Part 2 "Innovation Solution" to Allow Overpopulation in America Has Got to be a Joke Take a look at the United States. When we were not overpopulated at the current 300M+ we had room for bigger building lots, homes on large lots affordable on one income, forrests and greenbelts were all over back in the 60s and 70s, when we had 200M people. American children growing up in those decades and even the 50s had room to dream, play and imagine. Almost everyone graduated from public schools and they were taught math and science for half the school staff costs of today. We invented almost all of today's new ideas back then too, including the Space Shuttle. Today, we mostly just reverse engineer and shrink the size of old major inventions. The gas engine for today's car was invented a hundred years ago.... Why you ask was major inventiveness mostly a thing of our far less crowded past? We had hope and space. Today in urban centers, where there's barely enough water for humans in America, we're continuously packing more and more population density in, making building lots smaller, pricing families out of real estate and guess what.....a lion's share of the kids today in America's urban centers live in small crammed apartments. American workers in today's overpopulation get like $10.92/hr and 28 hr weeks on the avg according to the NYTs. Their hope is robbed from current overpopulation in America. The need for engineers is going the way of the dinosaur too....we don't make anything hardly anymore in America....and as the American enginner dies away, so will almost every other profession. The engineer is the canary in the American mine and the canary today is sick indeed. But you might retort, well look at Japan, they're crowded and they still invent. To some degree, but I'd add nothing major being invented there either. Besides, even their manufacturing would be shut down if we stopped feeding them and buying their stuff. That's happenning already as America overpopulates, Japan's answer.....a giganic debt stimulus....its doomed to failure without depopulation there too. in hades do we invent all this hypothetical overpopulation solutions when overpopulation has killed our inventiveness????? The answer is we won't.

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