Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pouring More Overpopulation Gasoline on the American Income Inequality Gap Fire Will Help Put It Out?

I Just Stumbled On to an Open Border Take in Fortune magazine, 1/13/14, Page 54. Titlled, “Will Allowing More Foreign Workers Shrink the Salary Gap?”, Nina Easton. This hogwash article tries to be neutral, but inserts the bogus Greenspan formula for success…..bring in the brainy foreigners to replace American degreed professionals [it doesn't say, but we all know, at substantially lower salaries like MSFT does] and the income inequality gap is fixed. All of us become paupers. I think we should replace Ms. Easton’s job first…..LOL. There’s more overpopulation news in this Fortune Magazine too….turn to page 12, “China Goes (Baby) Boom”, by Scott Cendrowski. This article is far more neutral, albeit emphasizes that 1 child per family creates an abundance of males and a growing elderly population. It infers that worker productivity magically goes up with more births. Doesn’t say how, just states it. It then goes on to state that China’s labor issues [they want more pay] can’t be fixed with more children anyway….

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