Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hillary Cartel and AntiChrist the Same Thing????

Hillary Cartel Compared to 666 By The Huffington Post Politics "...Voting for Team Hillary is Anti-Christ: E-Mails Expose Plot to Overthrow Authority of Pope, Create Catholic Spring to Foment Revolution & Attack Evangelicals-Who Has Place in Hillary's America? The Huffington Post 2016-10-13T00:53:28Z Washington D.C. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Megan Kelly and true Christians are outraged by attacks on Catholics and Evangelicals by Team Hillary. Begging the burning question: "Who has place in Hillary's America?" She and her team obviously despise these Christian denominations. Catholic and Evangelical Democrats must make a choice between Christ or the Evil One. Mother Teresa's nuns are praying the rosary daily for voters to receive clarity of truth from The Holy Spirit and vote for the candidate who supports life and religious liberty (Trump) against the party engendering a culture of death and new atheism disguised as liberalism. Sadly, the Democratic Party has been taken over by ..." This news article was IMMEDIATELY deleted by the way....I saved it here.

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