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Japan is Overpopulated and No Where to Hide

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This New Libya War Obama Orchestrated/Caused is a Great Distraction

Off the much more important Japanese disaster, IMO. Article in part:

“…Container ships sit in the Pacific or at docks in Japan, wary of unloading tons of pork and steak because of that nation’s fractured electric grid. Any break in the “cold chain” of refrigeration can spoil meat.

LVMH Mo√ęt Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the luxury goods maker based in Paris, shut more than 50 of its stores in Tokyo and northern Japan. And Volvo, the Swedish carmaker, was working with a 10-day supply left of Japanese-built navigation and climate control systems.

“It’s hour-by-hour work to get a grip on the situation,” said Per-Ake Froberg, chief spokesman for Volvo, as it girds for a production halt….”

The Chevy Cobalt uses a safety recalled Japanese Corolla power steering unit, the 767 [Tanker A/C] is 15% Japanese, etc, etc, etc……just about everything has the Japanese parts shortage curse in it today.

I predict MAJOR AMERICAN Aerospace/Automotive stopworks on programs and models due to Japanese part shortages. How long will it take to get domestic parts/assemblies replacements going to replace the Japanese? My estimate is 2-5 years, and that’s long before Japan will ever rebuild it’s infrastructure and factory capacity; especially with nuclear meltdowns needing to buried. Article in part:

“…THE damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant must be scrapped, the country's top government spokesman has said. He also revealed “abnormal levels” of radiation had again been detected in milk and spinach taken from areas near the plant. The comment by the Chief Cabinet Secretary, Yukio Edano, yesterday was the first word from the government that the nuclear complex will have to be closed once its overheating reactors are brought under control. In some of the first hopeful signs in the 10-day battle to stabilise the disabled power station, power has been restored to cooling pumps at four of the six reactors.

❏ Hiroe Campbell recalls the radiation sickness that followed the bombing of Hiroshima…

The state of the cooling systems in two other reactors at Fukushima, Nos. 1 and 2, are uncertain, and authorities continue to battle to keep the most damaged reactors, Nos. 3 and 4, under control by dousing them with water. The number of people confirmed dead or missing after the earthquake and tsunami has risen to more than 20,000 as the grim task of recovery continues….”

IMO, as a Nuclear Engineer, at least 1 reactor needs to be buried alive [still fissile hot and melting] with cement [the Japanese Nuclear Director admitted it Friday, he was in tears, albeit this MSM news story has dissappeared from internet search engine searches today] and possibly two more melting Chernobyls to take care of in like manner. Japan is such a smaller and overpopulated land mass with horrifying radiation spewing all over right now, at least the massive sized Soviet Union had somewhere for the refugees to run from their Chernobyl….FAR less a problem in comparison, even with one reactor needing to be buried alive.

This radiation problem is Japan’s first problem to take care of and IMO, we’re looking at 5-10 years to bulldoze the radioactive top soils and tear down radioactive infrastructures to rebuild again into the sea before they can even start rebuilding the Toyota and Honda plants near the reactors.


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