Thursday, March 11, 2010

Overpopulation Kills Public School Math and Science

The Brainless Rhetoric on Amnesty Goes Off the Richtor Scale. I just stumbled on this new public school system to teach math and science better in Seattle, article in part: "...The draft report also addresses the debate over how much should be expected from immigrants who are just learning English. An introduction to the standards explains that English language learners should be held to the same standards but should be given more time and instructional support to meet the requirements...." I betcha these same open border anarchist school curriculum planners also blame working parents for not spending enough time with their kids helping them pass math and science....LOL...they'll never blame themselves. Hades, I'm a math minor with graduate level training in engineering sciences and I could easily teach highschool math and science trouble is, I have a fulltime job and need to sleep weeknights there's no way even I could pinch hit for the public school teachers for my child, if they're spending all the extra support money teaching immigrant kids English [they are]....LOL. My proof is the public schools worked fine for math and science, years ago, before the deluge of non-English speaking students hit the public school fan. The open border anarchists doing our public school curriculum planning would never admit it though [yet even these same teachers at public schools make sure to send their kids to good private schools, if they can....LOL].

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