Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Overpopulation is Destroying Seattle

Yeah I know, OVERPOPULATION immigration into King County is about 16,000/yr and keeps the house prices rising, when they should have plummetted a couple years ago....so what.

We've got massive dead areas in Puget Sound, the local fish are all full of mercury, the Orcas is on the endangered list, the roads are completely clogged, the houses are dinky, the lots are dinky and our insane property taxes are like high rent with a maintenance bill too; let alone, all our kids are moving away to places like Texas where they can still get a job with limited experience and afford a modest apartment on beginning pay.

If you're single in Seattle, forget it. If you own a high priced home, you don't want cohabitation and another divorce sucking it dry. So you stay single forever. Ask all your single friends you've had the last couple decades in Seattle that are still single, practically no one that owns a home single in Seattle remarries.

But Seattle is the land of Democrat liberals who always vote for more immigration OVERPOPULATION and I should join their motley crew. Hey, how can we fight global warming and add to American energy use OVERPOPULATION? You phoney liberals got a magic wand? We need more people in Seattle like Martha Stewart needs more jail time. Americans consume 25% of the energy in the world, so adding to our numbers is pure stupidity. We need to depopulate in America, now!!!

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Gail Roma said...

Nice to find your blog Softwarengineer. It is instructive what an anything goes attitude can do to a place that should be a paradise?