Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Airlines are Dead So They Act Like They're Full

have some extinct airline coffee and read the brief. ".... How to navigate the busiest travel weekend since pandemic started Hundreds of thousands of Washingtonians are expected to travel this Memorial Day weekend. Where are they all going? Several destinations in particular are seeing a surge in popularity. Here's what to expect in the airports and on the roads, how to time your highway travel just right, and where to check live traffic. If you're getting on a ferry for the first time in a while, be ready for some changes and pandemic rules. (Photo: Ellen M. Banner / The Seattle Times)..." SWE's Take: Compare the passenger load to 2019.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

A Year After Floyd Riots and Police Retire in GROVES

".... A year after police killed George Floyd, what's changed in Seattle area — and what hasn't Last summer’s protests in Seattle brought many vows of change. Some shifts have taken place, but community leaders are still waiting for the promised support to make many other changes happen. Here’s where our region stands on cutting police budgets, investing in community solutions like the one you see above, reimagining public safety, and redefining racism as a public health crisis. (Photo: Amanda Snyder / The Seattle Times) ..." SWE's Take: The INDEED hiring site shows Seattle Police make $25/hr. Who'd want the job? Good News: Contract Police are hired at 3 times the pay to replace the retired ones.

Monday, May 24, 2021

The American Children are Forgotten Turds Under Biden

Drink your coffee without cream vaccinated and read the brief: "... Parents face new dilemmas as mask guidance eases Kelly Hall watches as daughter Julianna, left, plays with friend Bryn Reeves in Olympia. Julianna goes without a mask in some outdoor situations, but others are a harder call, Kelly says, fearing "a mini outbreak with a bunch of sick little kids." The CDC's loosening guidance on masks has many parents wondering what they should do around their unvaccinated kids. Here's how Western Washington parents are navigating this and why, for some, "the new guidance closes our world." Meanwhile, scientists offer a breakdown of which activities kids without vaccines can safely do. (Photo: Greg Gilbert / The Seattle Times).." SWE's Take: Let's turn the American kids into mentally disabled zombies.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Biden's Police Force is Embarassed and Destroyed Psychologically

Drink some Biden Coffee and read about the HIGH Death counts in crime cities, read the brief: "...The county inquest process, long criticized as flawed, has been tied up in legal challenges. "I want the inquest to go forward so I can finally know what happened, how my son's life ended," says the mother of Damarius Butts, killed by police in 2017. Read more...." SWE's Take: The police that were killed on duty number failure to control crime. Good News: We can move out out of the Seattle homeless Chop Zone for relief.

Saturday, May 22, 2021

The ChiCom Bent Dems Like Masks Forever Like the Asians' Culrture, not Americans' Culture

Wear a Mask and drink coffee from a the brief: "... Hang up your mask, or keep it on? Let's cut through the confusion Plenty of swirl followed the CDC's new guidance allowing vaccinated people to remove their masks in many settings. Gov. Jay Inslee said Washington state would go with the federal recommendations, but now King County has its own, more restrictive guidance. Our FAQ breaks down who can and can't go maskless. And some vaccinated Americans will keep their masks on, maybe forever. They're starting to become targets for public ire, but the benefits — some of them surprising — are outweighing the reasons to unmask..." SWE's take: This guidance is clear as MUD.

Friday, May 21, 2021

Biden and School Unions Delayed Vaccines for School Kids Forever

Drink that Cold/Stale Public School Vaccine Coffee and Read the Brief: "... Hope arrives as kids get vaccines at school, looking forward to life ‘like it was before’ Seattle Fire Department Lt. Penny Stone hugs her son, Calder Stone, 12, after giving him a COVID-19 vaccine yesterday at Pathfinder K-8 in West Seattle. It's one of 43 schools that have hosted vaccination clinics so far. The kids coming in have been excited, and it shows in the numbers: Washington’s vaccination rate for ages 12 to 15 is more than double the national average. Here's our guide to getting a vaccine, and you can see how Washington state is doing on overall vaccinations and COVID-19 cases in the charts with today's live updates. (Photo: Greg Gilbert / The Seattle Times)..." SWE's Take: Why were the kids last?

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Our U of W won't have to Worry About Chinese Stealing our Research Now

The State's University Just Loves No SAT Testing and Easier Grades Wityh DIVERSITY "... Washington's public universities face a future with no SAT or ACT Starting this fall, the University of Washington (above) and the state's other four-year colleges will no longer require applicants to take those standardized tests, signaling a profound shift in how universities think about who to admit. Will it make the universities more equitable? For some students, the change will be "huge." But it's not a silver bullet, cautions an official at one university that's already gone test-optional. (Ken Lambert / The Seattle Times)..." SWE's take: Math and Science education being replaced with brainless DIVERSITY. Good News: They don't hide it now.