Monday, January 18, 2021

Biden Can Blame His Empty inaguration Crowd On Election FRAUD Demonstrations

He'll blame his dinky crowd on Trumpsters security who's he gonna blame for "no one wants to work anymore?"...the Tooth Fairy or his own MSM KIller Flu Scare campaign agenda? Now, drink your bitter Killer Flu Biden Brew and read the brief: "... Calm scene at state Capitol as we zip into inauguration week Scarlet Williams and her brother, Liam, play outside the Washington state Capitol in Olympia yesterday. Inauguration week protests got off to a quiet start as law enforcement officials tried to anticipate the changing threats they might face this week and in the months ahead. Around the nation, other heavily fortified statehouses also saw small protests. (Photo: Bettina Hansen / The Seattle Times)..." SWE's Take: Why weren't the National Guard sent to CHOP Hill Seattle Mayor? "...It's Martin Luther King Jr. Day. In this challenging era, how will you mark a day honoring a man whose message is more important than ever? Virtual workshops are casting old conversations in a new light, and a march and rally are planned in Seattle. Here are some ways to spend the day, a list of Seattle Public Library's reading suggestions, and our special project page honoring King and his legacy..." SWE's take: MLK's granddaughter supports Trump. Good News: Blame MLK's daughter instead of dare you!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Biden's $2T Killer Flu Pork Bill

Gives out $400/week unemployment to loafs and illegal aliens who refuse to work when help wanted signs proliferate all over the Seattle Area. Now grab your 800 calorie Starbucks Mocha with whip cream, let out a few belt holes to loosen your pants and read the brief in your lounge pajamas: "...There’s little information on how students are faring academically, or how this grand experiment in online learning disrupted instruction. It matters to public schools because, after enrollment declines this year, districts could lose millions of tax dollars. And more parents are evaluating whether to return at all. Read more..." SWE's Take: Try it again...the teachers don't want to come back to work in Killer Flu environment... "...Social isolation is difficult for anyone, but advocates say that for residents with Alzheimer's or dementia, a lack of visits and decrease in mental stimulation can accelerate cognitive decline that in some cases may be irreversible. Read more..." SWE's Take: Based on what's been going on with Killer Flu Vaccine disemination planning in this State, these disabled folks will get low priority on vaccines. Correct me if I'm wrong. Good News: The restaurants are basically empty now for take out only...only two workers at Sharis last week....hey, quick service and you are really appreciated as a scarce customer.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

FOX News Never Really Supported Investigating Election FRAUD in 2020

They cast a blind eye to drink your mug of coffee without cleaning the election FRAUD out of the mug, gag and read the brief: "... Impeachment and inauguration: What to know as the two collide We're heading into an inauguration week unlike any other. Republican leader Mitch McConnell is leaving open the possibility that he'll vote to convict President Donald Trump in the Senate for incitement of insurrection, and a trial could start just as Trump's life after the White House begins taking shape. Read about the next steps on that and what it would take to keep Trump from holding office again (a Senate conviction alone wouldn't do it). Then find a guide to Wednesday's unusual Inauguration Day events..." SWE's Take: This FRAUD impeachment reminds me of the FRAUD elections. "...The State Patrol said it was investigating a “number of very specific threats" in the run up to President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration next week. Hundreds of Washington state National Guard are activated to defend government buildings. Read more..." SWE's take: Where were the Dems during the Seattle Chop Hill violent riots? At home devilishly laughing at the victims? "...Inslee and other governors had been pleading with the Trump administration to distribute vaccine doses held in reserve. According to a report Friday, there aren't any more. Sen. Patty Murray also weighed in on the "utter failure" of the vaccine rollout. Read more..." SWE's Take: Last I heard Inslee's Killer Flu management let millions of vaccine doses expire without refrigeration. The Pharmacist was arrested too, of course Inslee falsely blames Trump. They blame Trump for their own mistakes. Good News: FOX news won't admit election FRAUD is real, but 74 million Trumpsters do.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Biden's $2T Killer Flu Bill Includes Unemployment Extensions in Seattle Area

With help wanted signs all over the Seattle Area....all wages from low saerfvice wages to plumbers/electrician trainees. Even teachers and police don't want to work with Killer Flu Masks. I see Biden wants more illegal aliens to take these jobs at slave wages? Do illegal aliens get wasteful deficit illegal unemployment extensions too???? "...It will take $1.9 trillion to combat the virus and economic crisis, but "failure ... will cost us dearly," President-elect Joe Biden said as he laid out his sweeping aid plan. Among the highlights: $1,400 payments to individuals. Five of Biden's claims raised fact-checkers' eyebrows..." SWE's take: Biden's plan doomed to failure. He's already brainwashed everyone to hate the Warp Speed Trump vaccine [falsely fearing side effects] and slowed dissemination down to make Trump look bad [and addicted us to hiding at home ]...he's shot himself in the foot now. Its not the Trump Flu anymore, its the Biden Flu now...LOL...he's created a bunch of establishment lazy American worker loafs now. His followers don't want to work now, they just want ChiCom/EU socialism now...good luck Joe, you built this FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER, now reverse it. "...Washington businesses may face "a horrible surprise": a tax bill on the COVID-19 aid they received. Lawmakers are working to avoid that. Meanwhile, here's which small businesses qualify for a second round of relief..." SWE's take: One hand giveth and the local governments steal it for more Socialist waste. "...Hundreds of Washington state National Guard troops are heading to the inauguration as more details emerge about the Capitol riot. Prosecutors are accusing the shirtless "QAnon Shaman" of leaving an ominous note on VP Mike Pence's desk, and it turns out dozens of people on the FBI's terrorist watch list were in D.C. that day. Amid all the noise, one police officer hailed as a hero is staying silent, but the images of his actions speak volumes..." SWE's Take: When BLM COMPLETELY destroyed Washington DC last Summer it was different???? HYPOCRITES!!! I hear there were BLM protestors last week posing as Trump Supporters too. How many? LOrd Only Knows...the Deep State masks this data. Good News: The Trump tax tables can't be changed in 2021.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

This Impeachment Effort Reminds Me of a Progressive Lynch Mob

Impeachment requires a Hearing first, then a vote....or its a LYNCH MOB. Have some black illegal impeachment coffee and forget the Hearing cream and read the brief: "... All but one of Washington state's U.S. House members vote to impeach Trump Republican Reps. Jaime Herrera Beutler, of Washington, and Adam Kinzinger, of Illinois, high-five yesterday. “I am not choosing a side, I’m choosing truth,” Herrera Beutler said as nearly all of Washington's delegation voted to impeach President Donald Trump. She and Kinzinger were among 10 Republicans who renounced Trump with their votes. Meanwhile, outside their chamber doors, the Capitol looked like an armed encampment. (Photo: Anna Moneymaker / The New York Times)..." SWE's take: Rule of law and due process doesn't apply to ChiComs and Communist Sympathizer progressives alike. Two peas in the pod in my book. "...What happens now that Trump has been impeached twice: Republican leader Mitch McConnell is leaving open the possibility that he'll vote to convict Trump in the Senate, but a trial won't take place until the president has left office. Here are the next steps on that and a Q&A on what it would take to keep Trump from ever holding office again (a Senate conviction alone wouldn't do it)..." SWE's take: Any GOP that voted lynch mob impeachment can kiss their re-election good-bye. "..."Disturbing reports" about Seattle schools have sparked an investigation by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights. Officials are citing concerns that some students with disabilities went without specialized instruction during the pandemic — and some teachers weren’t allowed to provide it..." SWE's take: My son is severely mentally retarded adult and suffers from severe Autism. He has not been allowed Seattle area visitors for about a year, nor medical vaccine either. HORRIFYING!!! "...More than 3 million acres of Pacific Northwest land have been opened to timber harvesting, after the Trump administration removed it from the protected habitat of the northern spotted owl. Wildlife biologists "are in tears" after the decision to go far beyond the stretch of land that had been proposed, a conservation group says..." SWE's take: Worse yet is PNW OVERPOPULATION adding MASS Greenhouse Gas per Progressive and ChiCom blessings...environmental HYPOCRITES!!! Good News: I see Seattle Real Estate pummetting in price in 2022 as Biden's planned tax table hikes take effect...we have one year left of Trump Low Tax Tables.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Sick of Useless Impeachment False Allegations With No Evidence?

Tune it Out....Read a Book Instead Like Me Have some coffee and wake up to reality and it ain't IMPEACHMENT Federal Government money waste on a deadend that makes the Dems look even worse than before...

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

The Poll is Out; 94% Agree With SWE, Trump Should Not Resign Twitter, Amazon and Face Book, etc suffer from Autistic CEOs? With wires disconnected from their brains? They hate Americans. They hate my blog website too, they are pigheaded and evil when it comes to Freedom of Speech try some coffee with High Tech pork fat mixed in and read the brief: "... 'Where are the people?' They're outside state Legislature, guarded by soldiers and troopers Representatives Frank Chopp and My-Linh Thai talk yesterday as lawmakers kick off their socially distanced session. Outside, small clusters of protesters — many of them armed — shouted their objections to being shut out. Republican lawmakers, too, protested the lack of in-person access for the public, with one talking about his own battle with COVID-19 and saying, "I don't know that we can hide from it." The day's odd scenes also included another lawmaker repeatedly bleating like a sheep. (Photo: Steve Ringman / The Seattle Times)..." SWE's take: We the People have become we the deplorable criminals to the Autistic Liberals now? Our votes mean High Tech BIAS, OVERPOPULATION Green House gas and Hypocracy runs the show now? "...The House, speeding toward impeaching President Donald Trump, is expected to pass a resolution today that will put VP Mike Pence on the spot. (This story will update.) But when it comes to cutting off Trump's power, there’s an alternative to impeachment or the 25th Amendment, historians say. More:..." SWE's Take: The Autistic Dems are good at one thing; wasting time on dead ends and continuously attacking Trump instaed of getting real work done. "...Seattle police investigated more homicides in 2020 than they've seen in more than a quarter-century, interim Chief Adrian Diaz said yesterday. And the count doesn't include a few deaths that made big headlines. Diaz provided a demographic breakdown of who the victims were and how the crimes were committed. (Photo: Ellen M. Banner / The Seattle Times)..." SWE's take: The Autistic Dems ignore the violence and scream gun control anyway, LOL... Good News: At least it isn't snowing in Seattle.